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Final Fantasy 16 characters - everyone in Valisthea

There’s a lot of people you’ll meet in the latest Final Fantasy world, Valisthea, so here’s the full list of all the Final Fantasy 16 characters.

Who are the Final Fantasy 16 characters? There are plenty of characters to meet in every Final Fantasy game, and FF16 is no exception. Ranging from heroes, to villains, to anything in between, developer Square-Enix has ensured there are plenty of characters for you to encounter during your adventure on PS5.

Many of these Final Fantasy 16 characters have been revealed before the Final Fantasy 16’s release date arrives, but we’re certain that there will be more to converse or fight when the RPG game finally comes out. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to find out more about the faces you’ll meet in Valisthea, look no further than our list of FF16 characters below with all the revealed characters so far!

Final Fantasy 16 characters

Here’s the list of Final Fantasy 16 characters we currently know about:

  • Clive Rosfield
  • Joshua Rosfield
  • Jill Warrick
  • Torgal
  • Cidolfus Telamon
  • Hugo Kupka
  • Benedikta Harman
  • Dion Lesage
  • Barnabas Tharmr

We’re going to go into a brief overview of each character below. While we will be avoiding any major spoilers, there will be some story set-up and context for each character.

Final Fantasy 16 characters: Clive

Clive Rosfield

Firstborn of the Archduke of Rosaria, Clive is a skilled master of the blade. He was expected to inherit the Phoenix’s flames, however fate had different plans when his younger brother, Joshua inherited them. Fortunately, Clive wins the ducal tournament, becoming the First Shield of Rosaria, tasked with protecting the Phoenix, meaning he also gets part of its fire.

Final Fantasy 16 characters: Joshua

Joshua Rosfield

As the second son of the Archduke of Rosaria and younger brother of Clive by five years, Joshua is the one who inherits the Phoenix’s flames, becoming the Dominant of the Phoenix. Unlike his older brother, Joshua is more fearful, but he treats all of his father’s subjects with compassion.

Final Fantasy 16 characters: Jill

Jill Warrick

Born in the Northern Territories, Jill was taken from her home at a young age to become a ward of Rosaria, acting and securing a peace between the warring nations. While not blood related to the two brothers, Jill was raised in the Rosfield household and has become a trusted confidant to Clive and Joshua.

Final Fantasy 16 Characters: Torgal can be seen


Torgal was found alone in a snowfield during one of the Archduke’s expeditions and gifted to his sons upon his return. After surviving the disaster that almost ended the Rosfield line of succession, Torgal was reunited with Clive more than a decade later and now serves him in battle, attacking enemies and also mending Clive’s wounds.

Final Fantasy 16 Characters: Cidolfus can be seen

Cidolfus Telaman

As one of Clive’s party members, Cidolfus (Cid) is a soldier turned outlaw that strives to build a place where persecuted magick casters and explored Dominants can die on their own terms. He is the Dominant of Ramuh after awakening with him upon landing on the Valisthean shores.

Final Fantasy 16 characters: Hugo

Hugo Kupka

Hugo Kupka was once a nameless foot soldier in the Republican Army, however his awakening as the Dominant of the Eikon Titan has pushed him to the front of Dhalmekian politics. Now known as a Permanent Economic Advisor, his new position means he has a lot of influence on both nation’s armies and policy making.

Final Fantasy 16 characters: Benedikta

Benedikta Harman

Dominant of the Eikon Garuda, Benedikta was coldhearted and ruthless in her youth. However, she used her talent for deceit and swordplay to be able to command Waloed’s elite intelligencers. While on a mission to find the elusive second Eikon of Fire, she crosses paths with Clive, which forces her to face her past.

Final Fantasy 16 characters: Dion

Dion Lesage

Dion is the crown prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, as well as the leader of the most feared order of knights, the dragoons. He’s beloved and respected by both his troops and people, but all is not well in the empire.

Final Fantasy 16 characters: Barnabas

Barnabas Tharmr

Arriving in Valisthea, titleless and landless, Barnabas’s skill with a sword won him a kingdom over time. Despite a revolution of local beastmen, who attempted to usurp his land, Barnabas came out on top thanks to calling the power of his Eikon, Odin. Despite having an army that could rival any in the world, Barnabas is still one to find the thick of the battle, riding in on his spectral steed.

That’s everything we know about the Final Fantasy 16 characters currently. Make sure to learn more about the Final Fantasy 16 nations and crystals in a recent trailer. However, if you need a game to play while you wait, here’s our list of the best PlayStation 5 games so you can play something new before Finaal Fantasy 16 arrives. If you’re looking for something more genre-specific, then give our best PS5 RPG games list a go. See you in Valisthea.