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Final Fantasy 16 release date, gameplay impressions, story

If you're trying to find the FF16 release date, we've got all the latest information about the latest entry in Square Enix's fantasy RPG franchise.

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When is the Final Fantasy 16 release date? Considering the resurging success of the Final Fantasy series in the last few years, including the remake of Final Fantasy VII and the constant updates to Final Fantasy XIV, there’s a lot of excitement for the next mainline instalment.

As we approach the full release of Final Fantasy 16, we’re hoping to meet some great Final Fantasy 16 characters when we journey to the new lands of Valisthea. And fortunately, we’ll be spending a lot of time there if the Final Fantasy 16 length is anything to go by. But if you’re just wanting to find out when the RPG game arrives, look no further.

Final Fantasy 16 release date

The Final Fantasy 16 release date is Thursday, June 22, 2023, on PS5After being revealed almost three years ago, FF16 suffered a few delays, however, its release date was finally revealed in its ‘Revenge’ trailer.

You can check out the Revenge trailer for the game below, which was posted in December last year, revealing the date:

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Additionally, a launch trailer for FF16 aired during May 2023’s PlayStation showcase, once again confirming that June 22 would be the magic date, and that there had been no further delays.

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Final Fantasy 16 story

Final Fantasy 16’s story takes place in Valisthea, which has been stricken by a blight that is draining the dual-continent world of its magical power – Aether. With Aether serving as the world’s main energy source, Valisthea’s various kingdoms have engaged in war to secure the lion’s share of what remains.

The Dominants lead this fight and throughout the game you will visit various kingdoms, exploring and interacting with the Summons that are a part of each one.

The kingdoms of Final Fantasy 16 are the Grand Duchy of Rosaria which is “a bastion of tradition”, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque “where ambition is divine”, the Dhalmekian Republic “where fortune shifts with the desert sands”, the Iron Kingdom which has been “forged in faith and fear”, and the Kingdom of Waloed is “indomitable in its isolation”. You can check out the Ambition trailer which shows off these kingdoms.

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Final Fantasy 16 gameplay

Unlike previous titles in the franchise, Final Fantasy 16 has a more action-focused approach, thanks to Ryota Suzuki being the RPG games’ combat director. Ryota previously worked on popular Capcom games like Dragon’s Dogma, Devil May Cry V, and more.

During our Final Fantasy 16 preview, we praised the game, stating we reached “hack ‘n slash Nirvana” during our brief time with the upcoming title. Thanks to the various Final Fantasy 16 Eikons, the various abilities that Clive can wield should keep the game exciting throughout the Final Fantasy 16 length.

You can also check out the State of Play below which has lots of details on the gameplay.

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That covers everything we know ahead of the Final Fantasy 16 release date. To pass the time until we arrive in Valisthea, check out some of the best PS5 RPG games to spend your time with.