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FC 24 Neymar rating prediction and player guide

With the Brazilian's move to Al Hilal, will the overall FC 24 Neymar rating be going up, down, or staying the same for the start of the EA FC era?

FC 24 Neymar rating: Neymar wearing the all-blue kit of Al Hilal, with a black FC 24 Ultimate Team card floating behind him

What is Neymar’s FC 24 rating? As it tends to be with any worldwide superstar, the Neymar FC 24 rating is going to be quite the talking point, as it tends to be with any worldwide superstar. As part of a high-profile exodus from PSG, both Neymar and Lionel Messi have moved on from the French superteam to pursue very different opportunities, with Neymar’s move drawing far more cynicism than Messi’s.

While we expect Neymar will still deservedly feature comfortably in the top 100 FC 24 ratings, there’s a lot to be said for name-power and how players who see reduced playing time are judged when it comes to their ratings. Will the Brazilian see his rating reduced on the basis of missing half a season? Will he still be a desirable card to use in FC 24 Ultimate Team? Let’s take a look at our Neymar FC 24 ratings prediction to find out.

Neymar FC 24 rating prediction

We predict that Neymar’s FC 24 rating will be 89, meaning he will not have changed since FIFA 23. While Neymar only played in half a season last year due to a major ankle injury, he managed 35 goal contributions in just 29 appearances in all competitions.

It’s incredible to think that, had he stayed fit and continued to contribute at this rate, he would have left both Erling Haaland and team mate Kylian Mbappé far behind when it comes to goal contributions. It just goes to show that, even at 31, Neymar is far from past his prime which raised further eyebrows when he accepted the lucrative move to Al-Hilal in the Saudi Pro League.

While a combination of injury, age, and a move to a less competitive league is often a recipe for a player to get an overall downgrade, we don’t think that’ll be the case in FC 24. It’s possible that his versatility in the attacking third is a big reason why his rating is hard to bring down. Not too many players are as effective when switching between playing on the wing, as an outright striker, and in the false nine position.

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FC 24 Neymar stats

There are a lot of factors that go into determining a player’s overall rating in FC 24 and these are far harder to predict than anything else in the game. Each year, minor tweaks are made that can drastically affect how a player feels in the game yet they won’t see their overall rating change at all. We feel this might be the case with Neymar’s stats in FC 24.

We expect his pace to drop slightly coming off the back of major ankle surgery but it should still be in the mid-high 80’s.

We’ve already discussed Neymar’s incredible stats from last year and they should contribute towards an increase to his shooting, dribbling, and passing stats. Levelling this out will be a reduction in his defensive and physical skills, which are likely due a slight downgrade as he gets older and once again recovered fully from his ankle issues which have been an issue throughout his career.

While these aren’t numerical in-game stats, let’s have a look at the Brazilian’s work rate, skill, and weak foot ratings. These can truly be make or break for a player which is why there is an entire Ultimate Team promo built around increasing these areas. Neymar should undoubtedly remain as one of the FC 24 5-star skillers and keep his 5-star weak foot as well. For defensive and attacking rates, we anticipate that he will have a high attacking work rate and medium defensive work rate.

FC 24 Neymar rating: Neymar stretches to control a ball during a match

We also expect Neymar to be adorned with plenty of FC 24 PlayStyles and even some boosted PlayStyle+ attributes as well. It seems almost certain that he’ll get at least the Flair, Trickster, and First Touch PlayStyles.

All of this should be enough to make Neymar an incredibly viable Ultimate Team player if you’re planning to build a Saudi Pro League or Brazilian team before any promo cards are released. The only real competition he might have on the left wing in an SPL-focused team is the explosive Allan Saint-Maximin who plays for Al-Ahli – other than that, he’s pretty unrivaled.

If you’re looking forward to using Neymar in FC 24, you can check out our FC 24 chemistry guide to make sure you can build the best team possible. Alternatively, if you’re looking forward to the introduction of an entirely new card type, you can read more about FC 24 Evolution cards instead.