Is Elden Ring crossplay and crossplatform?

Will you be able to play with friends on other platforms with Elden Ring crossplay? Get the information on what you can expect in PvP and co-op

Elden Ring Crossplay: Three players can be seen standing on a cliff edge overlooking The Lands Between

Elden Ring – FromSoftware’s latest high-fantasy Action RPG game – has cemented itself as one of the biggest games of the year. Boasting stunning vistas alongside classic RPG creatures and a whole new story, excitement is high from veterans and newcomes to FromSoftware’s games. Elden Ring co-op and multiplayer operates similarly to how it does in other FromSoftware games like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. But is Elden Ring crossplay included in that?

With your friends in tow, you’ll be able to take on the beasties found within Elden Ring’s sprawling open world. Alternatively, if PvP’s your thing, you’ll be able to rudely interrupt another co-op session in search of blood. But while co-op returns in FromSoft’s latest game, FromSoft never originally confirmed whether or not Elden Ring crossplay would be a thing. So, read on for a rundown of if the feature is in the game.

Is Elden Ring crossplay?

Elden Ring does not currently support crossplay between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

However, one positive is that Elden Ring will have cross-gen co-op with PlayStation 4 and 5 players able to team up. The same for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players.

That covers if Elden Ring is crossplay. For more information about Elden Ring, check out our Elden Ring walkthrough and our recommendations on the Elden Ring boss order you should progress through the game with.