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EA Sports FC aims to “blur the lines” between virtual and real soccer

EA Sports FC is promising big things on PS5, Xbox, and PC, with EA Sports revealing that the new Hypermotion technology is going to use a huge amount of data.

EA Sports FC hypermotion technology data FIFA 23: an image of Phiil Foden in a Man City shirt in-game

EA Sports FC could very-well be one of the best soccer games we’ve ever played, if what we know so far is true. Sure, losing FIFA’s backing must have hurt, but veteran FIFA series developer EA Sports isn’t having any trouble bringing existing players, teams, and leagues to the title. All this content, though, however expected, isn’t what’s going to make EA Sports FC special. No, the gameplay improvements are what we’re really interested in and EA Sports has revealed that EA Sports FC’s Hypermotion technology is utilizing 80x more data than the FIFA 23 equivalent. Yes, that’s quite a lot more.

During Spanish league La Liga’s “Nueva Era” showcase, a series of presentations that detail the league’s new branding, direction, aspirations, and the fact that EA Sports is going to be a key sponsor going forward, EA Sports FC vice president David Jackson offered us our first – albeit very breif – look at EA Sports FC gameplay and detailed some of the new features the developer was bringing to the rebranded soccer series.

Discussing EA Sports FC’s new Hypermotion V Technology, the fifth iteration of the groundbreaking mechanic, Jackson revealed that EA Sports FC will take advantage of over 590 million frames of real-world game capture to deliver the most advanced in-game animations yet – with any luck. This, of course, sounds like a staggering amount alone. However, Jackson also highlighted that this is an incredible 80 times the amount of comparable data used in FIFA 23. So, it’s safe to say that we should see some real improvement when it comes to player animations in-game when the EA Sports FC release date rolls around.

What’s actually the point of using all this extra data, though? Well, Jackson boldly stated that EA Sports FC aims to “blur the lines between virtual and real football” – which is soccer, if you’re in the US. EA Sports FC is going to utilize of new player positioning data and camera tracking to take full advantage of the volumetric animation technology that is Hypermotion V. We don’t know about you, but this makes it sound like one of the most interesting upcoming Xbox games out there right now. This really could be a major step forward for the franchise – which, we suppose, is actually starting anew with EA Sports FC.

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This aim to blend virtual with reality is going to be supported by EA Sports FC using new dynamic “real world league broadcasts using [supporting] presentation graphics” – something that should liven up the UI in this upcoming PS5 game – and, of course, improved player likeness and licensed club cosmetics.

We don’t know about you, but that sounds like it could be a noticeable improvement to FIFA 23’s offerings. However, only time will tell how good these changes actually are – EA Sports FC’s iteration of Ultimate Team is rumored to make some rather interesting changes to cards, as well.

However, as exciting as these new mechanics are, there’s no telling what new gameplay features we’ll be getting yet. We need EA Sports FC to have a claim all button, but what about EA Sports FC’s Pro Clubs? What about Career Mode – something that players have been asking to be improved upon for years now. Well, while only time will tell when it comes to those, we might not have to wait too long – it’s clear that EA Sports is ready to start talking more about EA Sports FC.