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EA Sports FC 24 needs a claim all button or so help me

If EA Sports learns anything from FIFA 23, it's that EA Sports FC 24 needs a claim all button so players can spend more time actually playing football.

EA FC 23 claim all: A player in a Real Madrid shirt lies on the pitch with his head in his hands after losing a game in FIFA 23

We all have a wish list going from FIFA 23 to EA Sports FC 24, but at the top of mine isn’t getting a win when an opponent leaves while drawing in Ultimate Team, or  position changes for Draft matches, it’s a ‘claim all’ button.

The EA Sports FC 24 release date and main reveal is almost here, and above all else, I’m really hoping it makes this small but significant change to Ultimate Team that has enraged me consistently throughout FIFA 23. In recent years, FUT players have been forced to spend more time in the menus than ever before thanks to an archaic UI that only allows you to claim rewards one by one.

If you play enough FIFA in one sitting, you’ll spend at least half of that time sifting through menus, finding completed objectives, and then claiming yet another pointless stadium item. Regardless of what I achieve on the pitch that day, the endless process of objective claiming has me raging.

EA Sports FC claim all: Richarlison prays after missing a shot in FIFA 23

Why is it that in the year 2023 we do not have a ‘claim all’ button for what is essentially a glorified battle pass? EA Sports makes such a song and dance out of the entire objective process that claiming my rewards one by one feels like a punishment just for doing what the game asked me to do. As I’m writing this, I’m doing so with gritted teeth – that’s how much I hate it.

For context, in the last four days, as I’ve dug into the latest FIFA 23 season, I’ve climbed to level 12 and completed dozens of new objectives. After playing two games last night, I was told I had seven rewards to claim. By the time I had navigated the menus seven times, ten minutes had passed. If I was playing on a PS4 or Xbox One, the whole process would have probably taken me close to 20 minutes due to the slower load times.

EA Sports FC 24 Claim All: Martinez, in a white kit, leaps to save a ball from going in the net in FIFA 23

It’s so bad now that I try to do all my inventory and objective management on the Web App, which, when you think about it, is absolutely outrageous. Between FIFA titles, EA Sports has always made quality of life improvements to streamline the Ultimate Team experience, like ditching player fitness cards. However, those improvements very rarely extend to the admin players have to do around the ever-growing mountain of SBCs and objectives. Of all of the mind-numbing tasks in Ultimate Team, though, claiming objectives is definitely the worst.

I’ve spent so long thinking about this and angrily swiping through menus that today I’m extending an olive branch out to EA Sports: please add a ‘claim all’ button to EA FC 24. In return, I’ll stop trying to get my friend’s players sent off online (maybe).