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EA Sports FC Ultimate Team rumoured to make surprise card change

A new era is dawning for EA Sports FC and the upcoming PS5 and Xbox football game could make a vital change to cards in EA Sports Ultimate Team.

EA Sports FC cards

We’re all ready and raring to see what EA Sports FC will bring to the pitch for football fans on PS5 and Xbox. Though we’ve got some time to have a kick about before the EA Sports FC release date arrives, changes that are touted to appear in EA Sports FC Ultimate Team may make picking up the forthcoming title a must-play for FIFA 23 fans.

According to EA Sports FC and FIFA 23 leaker ‘Donk’, the upcoming FIFA successor will do away with players having to use the Position Modifier card in their Ultimate Team setups. “Position change cards will be REMOVED in EA Sports FC. You will be able to switch to players’ alternate positions without the card,” claims the leaker on social media.

Alongside the unexpected tweak to the game’s Ultimate Team mechanics, Donk also alleges that “You can move players AS YOU LIKE to ANY of their alternative positions. No card [is] needed. There are WAY MORE alternative positions on players now.” 

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It may have been some time since you dove into a FIFA game, so if you’re unsure about how the Position Modifier works, don’t worry. In FIFA 23, the Position Modifier is essentially a consumable item that enables the player freedom to change the position of their desired Ultimate Team player to another. However, the chance to implement this kind of change requires the player to have this consumable on hand – especially if you’d like to revert the decision in the future.

That means if for some wild reason, you wanted to mess around with players in the FIFA 23 best strikers roster, you’d have to free autonomy to action that in EA Sports FC. Though, we’ll need to wait a bit longer to see who emerges within the EA Sports FC best strikers lineup.

Outside of meddling with your EA Sports FC Ultimate Team setup, you’ll be glad to know that EA Sports FC Pro Clubs are set to feature in the game. Even for those who aren’t that into football, Pro Clubs is always a source of fun, laughter, and maybe the occasional tear if you’d had a particularly rough streak of losses. But that’s just part of the experience.

EA Sports FC is alongside many upcoming PS5 games that we can’t wait to leap into, but whether it will become of the best football games out there remains to be seen.