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EA Sports FC’s beta is coming and it’ll eat up your storage space

If you're a soccer game fan looking forward to EA Sports FC on Xbox and PS5, you'll want to keep some storage space clear for the EA Sports FC closed beta.

EA Sports FC closed beta file size: an image of Ruben Diaz in FIFA

If you’re a FIFA fan looking forward to getting your hands on EA Sports’ next soccer game, you’ll be pleased to know that an EA Sports FC 24 closed beta is on the way. If you’re someone saving storage space for some of the biggest upcoming PS5 games and most exciting upcoming Xbox games, though, you’ll be frustrated to learn that you’re going to need quite a lot of storage space to accommodate the EA FC beta file size – that is, if you want to be one of the first people to play the new game, anyway.

Ahead of confirmation from EA Sports itself, reputable leaker and dataminer ‘ALumia_Italia‘ has claimed that the upcoming unannounced EA Sports FC closed beta is going to be over 41GB in size on Xbox Series X and just under 40GB in size on Xbox One. Specifically, Xbox Series X players could need 41.57GB of storage space free if they want to play EA Sports FC when the inevitable closed beta arrives. Similarly, Xbox One players are going to reportedly need 39.23GB spare if they want to give FIFA 23’s spiritual successor a go.

At the moment, we don’t know what this means for PlayStation players; however, we would expect to see something similar for both the PS4 and PS5 version of this closed beta when it arrives. We don’t know about you, though, but it might be worth looking into picking up one of the best Xbox expansion cards or one of the best PS5 SSDs ahead of the EA Sports FC release date. If the closed beta is this big, the full release could be huge.

However, rather interestingly, this is actually a little smaller than the FIFA 23 closed beta from August 2022. The FIFA 23 closed beta was roughly 44.7GB on Xbox Series X and a whopping 51.2GB on PlayStation 5 consoles. With this in mind, the EA Sports FC closed beta could actually be pushing 50GB on PS5 – if the file size difference is around the same. Of course, only time will tell; although, be prepared to need to free up quite a bit of space.

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Is all that going to be worthwhile, though? Well, we think it might be, yes. EA Sports FC has claimed it’s going to “blur the lines” between virtual soccer and reality with an impressive amount of data being used for the new Hypermotion V technology. EA Sports’ content promise also means that this should have just as many players, clubs, and leagues as FIFA 23 – if not, even more.

We know we’ll be happy as long as EA Sports FC has a claim all button, but this really could be a fantastic new era for soccer game fans and we’re fully expecting this to be one of the best soccer games out there when it launches. Although, there are quite a few ways this game could miss the mark. So, only time will tell how good it really is. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like we’ll have long to wait to get our hands on it.