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Shroud and DrLupo get their Diablo 4 deaths roasted by Megan Fox

You've probably seen those Diablo 4 Megan Fox videos going around, but top streamers like Shroud, DrLupo, and Wudijo are getting special treatment.

Diablo 4 Megan Fox: Megan Fox wearing a black corset, with a blurred desert backdrop from Diablo 4 behind her

No matter how fantastic your Diablo 4 classes are, one thing is certain in the world of the Blizzard RPG – you will meet a grizzly demise. To make matters sweeter when you meet a hero end in Diablo 4, Transformers star Megan Fox will honor you. While dozens of pre-recorded messages have been sent to players posting their horrific Diablo deaths online, streaming giants like Michael ‘Shroud‘ Grzesiek, ‘Wudijo’, and Benjamin ‘DrLupo‘ Lupo are getting their own personalized Diablo 4 Megan Fox eulogy – and when we say ‘eulogy’, what we really been is ‘roast’.

This is certainly one of the weirdest marketing stunts Diablo 4 has pulled this month, and it’s seen dozens of players graced with a rather snarky message from Fox in which she will revel in your most embarrassing or brutal Diablo deaths. While us mere mortals receive one of several generic pre-recorded eulogies, top content creators are getting bespoke roasts from the famous actress.

Wudjio, who recently became the first solo hardcore level 100 player, has his efforts in the battlefields of Sanctuary immortalized by Fox. “Hey, good job Rogue. I loved that part where you panicked and got crushed like an iddy, biddy baby,” says Fox.

The streamer focuses primarily on Diablo content, with their Diablo 4 Hardcore solo push impressing fans during a fiery Twitch stream. While their efforts are to be celebrated, the race to Hardcore level 100 hundred was recently achieved by another formidable warrior.

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Wudijo is in good company, as you can see above in this compilation of eulogies from ‘Dan Allen Gaming’.

Shroud has also received a personalized message from Fox after making a gigantic blunder in battle. “Today we honor Shroud, who fought bravely and died just…disgustingly. To say you’ll be missed would be an understatement so grossly understated that it doesn’t bear stating, so…” Fox declares.

Shroud’s brutal end is the result of getting annihilated by enemies exceeding his level. An easy mistake to make – we’ve all done it. We recommend this Diablo 4 armor sets guide to stay protected.

Joining his streaming peers in the Diablo 4 afterlife, Destiny 2 and Escape From Tarkov streamer DrLupo also witnesses the graces of Megan Fox’s way with words. Though the streamer tries valiantly to roam around Sanctuary defeating Diablo 4 bosses, his prowess isn’t enough to save him from the perils of Hell. In his eulogy video, Fox says that “Oh DrLupo, not even the best doctor can save you now. Enjoy your insides on the outside from now on.”

In a follow-up TikTok, DrLupo says light-heartedly that receiving the message from Fox made it “the best day of his life” with “no exceptions” – something Mrs Lupo wasn’t too thrilled about…

@drlupo Did I say “best day ever?” #DrLupo #Lupo #MrsDrLupo #DiabloDeaths #Diablo #Diablo4 #DiabloIV #MeganFox #aims #Eulogy #couch ♬ original sound – DrLupo

Though these streamers may see their favorite Diablo 4 Rogue build or Diablo 4 Druid build fade into the mist, there is still time for you strive where they failed with our Diablo 4 endgame guide. Good luck out there.