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The Diablo 4 hardcore race to level 100 is over and we have a winner

Blizzard's new RPG Diablo 4 isn't out fully on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC yet and one player has already become the world's first to hit level 100 on hardcore.

Diablo 4 hardcore level 100 race winner: an image of a Barbarian from the RPG with confetti behind them

We knew everyone was excited to get their hands on Diablo 4, but we didn’t quite expect to see this before the full Diablo 4 release date had even arrived; one dedicated dungeon-crawler has already hit level 100 on hardcore. The race has been a hotly contested one over the last couple of days, but content creator Souaib ‘cArn’ Hanaf has come out on top and has made Diablo 4 history as the first player to hit level 100 on hardcore.

Yes, you’re reading that right; cArn has managed to become to first Diablo 4 player to reach the max level available (at launch) on the game’s infamous hardcore setting. This is a mode where permadeath is active, so cArn’s achievement is even more impressive. If you want to know what the deep Diablo 4 endgame looks like, this might be an interesting insight into the grind.

Joined by Path of Exile content creators ‘Steelmage’ and ‘Zizaran’, alongside streamer ‘Nugiyen’, cArn has been using one of the best endgame Barbarian builds – the Whirlwind Barbarian – to devastate the Champion’s Demise dungeon in the run-in to level 100. However, the group hasn’t been hitting the boss of this particular Diablo 4 dungeon location. Rather, they have been resetting it just before that in an effort to farm as much XP as possible.

Diablo 4 bosses can be time consuming at the best of times and we can only imagine tackling one at such a high level is a risk not worth taking on hardcore mode – even if you’re using the class at the top of our Diablo 4 tier list.

If you want to see the big moment for yourself, we have a Twitch clip of it below:

If you’re wondering why players like cArn have been racing to level 100 on hardcore mode, it’s for more than just bragging rights. When early access began, Blizzard revealed that “the first 1000 players to reach level 100 on hardcore mode [and] tweet proof using [a hashtag and their BattleNet ID] will have their username permanently etched into a statue of Lilith”. To do this, players will also need to earn the Tempered Champion title in-game. We don’t know if cArn will get anything else, but we can only hope their dedication is rewarded further – at the very least, with some slick new in-game items.

Is this one of the best games of all time? That remains to be seen, but cArn’s acheivement has to be one of the most impressive things we’ve ever seen. If you want to attempt this feat yourself, you can find out more about the best Rogue endgame builds, best Druid endgame builds, and the best Sorcerer endgame build right here. We can only wish you good luck if you’re trying this, though – you’re going to need it.