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Destiny 2 brings back controversial feature for new Exotic mission

If you're looking for a challenge, Bungie's bringing back a rather controversial feature to Destiny 2 through the new Exotic mission, but not everyone is happy.

Destiny 2 controversial timed Exotic missions Wicked Implement: an image of Ana Bray from D2

If you’re wondering how to get Destiny 2’s Wicked Implement Exotic – and you fancy yourself a Guardian up for a challenge – you might be pleased to know that the new Destiny 2 Exotic mission is bringing back a rather controversial feature – one Destiny 2 veterans will know all-too-well – in mission timers. That’s right, Bungie’s putting you on the clock. We know you’re meant to struggle with Destiny 2’s Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, but a lot of Guardians aren’t too happy that timed missions look like they’re making a comeback.

However, there are quite a lot of people looking forward to the challenge; for example, Polygon journalist Ryan Gilliam has said the “new Exotic mission fucking rules” amidst the controversy. But, what does the new mission actually entail? Why has it become so divisive?

Well, Destiny 2’s newly-added Exotic quest comes with a ten-minute timer not-so-liberally applied to a two-stage boss run at the end of the Wicked Implement Exotic quest. Players must “Defeat the Taken who oppose you” before a timer that says “the weak shall be cast out” ends. If you want to know what we’re talking about, you can check this part of the Wicked Implement Exotic quest down below:

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An associate world designer on Marathon, Bungie’s upcoming PS5 game, has expressed support of this mechanic, stating that they “have always been pro-timers in difficult Exotic missions” as “they really tested [their] ability to clear enemies, burn bosses, and [their] builds.” They are, of course, not alone in their support of this increased level of challenge. However, that’s not what everyone thinks.

For example, while self-proclaimed Hand Cannon fanatic ‘DooceBigalo‘ is also a fan that this timer got their “heart pumping again like the old days” – a reference to the Zero Hour Exotic quest and the Whisper Exotic quest, which both also had timers – they’re not actually part of the majority – at least on their own Reddit thread. A vocal faction of fans are voicing their concerns and complaints about this feature, too.

To save you trawling through hundreds of comments on both Twitter and Reddit, it looks like people’s main concerns are that they don’t feel like they should be punished for taking the time to explore the areas being presented to them by Bungie through this new Exotic mission – and, that they don’t like the pressure a ticking timer inevitably brings. It’s also resulted in certain weapons, such as Divinity, all but being required if you want to avoid time being down to the wire.

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that timer features are going to become commonplace in Destiny 2. Although, it’s clear that Bungie is looking for more ways to increase the difficulty in certain areas of the game. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if you see a few more of these ahead of The Final Shape release date and beyond.

If you’re looking forward to tackling this new Exotic mission, you might want to make sure you’re using the best Hunter build, the best Titan build, and the best Warlock build available. We know it goes without saying, but having one of the best Destiny 2 weapons to hand is going to make this all a lot easier too. You are, after all, on the clock.