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Destiny 2 character deletion bug is a huge issue ahead of Lightfall

Destiny 2 players could be at risk of losing their favourite Hunter or Titan, as a frustrating bug is deleting characters all over the galaxy in the Bungie FPS

A custom character in the game Destiny 2

What is the worst thing that could happen to you in Destiny 2? There have been plenty of close calls for guardians, as risky quests and brutal bosses threaten darkness in the galaxy. Developer Bungie is finding itself investigating a greater threat, however. Now, Destiny 2 players are seeing their characters disappear before their very eyes.

As we move closer to the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, we’re all eager to ensure our guardians are immensely powerful. When you’re using the best Destiny 2 Hunter build or Destiny 2 Warlock build, we can’t imagine losing our hard-earned cosmetics and gear. Unless you log in to find everything you’ve grinded for has seemingly disappeared forever. Now, this is becoming a stark reality.

Destiny 2 community members have brought to light a devastating character deletion bug, which can hit any player at random. Redditor ‘Bladedancer‘ showcases their character selection screen, which features a glaring space where their third guardian used to be. While the bug initially seemed to be a singular instance, it has since affected other players.

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Another Redditor, ‘CyanSolar‘, joins the list of frustrated players too: “I just logged in and selected my titan, and then I got a black screen with the little text at the bottom of the screen saying contacting servers. Once it was done, it returned me to the character select screen but my titan was missing.” In an attempt to salvage their lost character, the Redditor made several attempts to contact developer Bungie.

On this occasion, the Redditor was able to retrieve their character, though it wasn’t an instant fix for Bungie. Several dev team members lept into action, as community manager Liana Ruppert clarifies that “multiple teams dove into this” and “were able to come up with a one-time fix to restore the character.”

Ruppert explains that “while we understand that players would like to be able to restore deleted characters whenever they’d like, this was an extremely complicated process that required a variety of teams and numerous hours to implement for a single account.” Though Ruppert expresses that “there are no concerns this is going to happen again”, many players are still worried they’ll be hit next.

We’ve got our fingers crossed in the meantime. If you’re lucky enough to retain your character, make sure to check out when the daily and weekly reset time is in Destiny 2, to ensure you’re grabbing as many tasty rewards as possible. And if you fancy switching it up, dig into this mighty Destiny 2 Titan build.