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Dead Space remake Peng treasure statue location

Get an idea of the Dead Space remake Peng treaure statue location so you can grab the valuable artifact while exploring the vast Ishimura.

Dead Space Peng: Isaac can be seen

The Dead Space remake Peng treasure is one of the most valuable items you can sell during your playthrough in the game. But, where can you find it in the Ishimura. In this guide, we will take you through where it is so you can nab yourself tens of thousands of Credits.

The item is found quite late in the list of Dead Space chapters, so you will need to get through the vast majority of the game before you can pick it up. But, it is still useful for future runs through Dead Space or your Dead Space new game plus run.

Dead Space remake Peng

The Dead Space remake Peng Treasure can be found in Chapter 11 at the bottom of the elevator in the Cargo Bay.

After reaching the Cargo Bay, you will find yourself in a large room. After going down the elevator turn around and move the two large crates with Dead Space’s Kinesis ability. Open the locker you can now access and inside you will find the Peng Treasure. This can be sold at the store for tends of thousands of Dead Space Credits. So, you definitely want to find this in your playthrough.

Dead Space Remake Peng: Isaac can be seen looking at the locker

Now you have the Dead Space remake Peng Treasure, you can use the money for it on purchasing some of the Dead Space weapon upgrades or the Dead Space suit upgrades. For more guides to help you out, be sure to check out our Dead Space walkthrough.