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Dead Space Kinesis Module location

This article will go over the Dead Space Kinesis Module location, where you can get it and its main use when in combat and exploring the Ishimura.

Dead Space Kinesis Module: Isaac can be seen

If you are beginning your journey on the Ishimura you will have already found a need for more tools than just your weapons. Luckily, there is something to help you out, specifically the Dead Space Kinesis Module location. It is one of the most useful powers in the game for Isaac, especially as you face larger groups of Necromorphs.

So, while you may be grabbing some of the best Dead Space weapons, finding Dead Space Nodes, exploring the Ishimura, and completing the Dead Space side missions, you are also going to want to get Kinesis as soon as you can. Below is a guide on where it is located in Dead Space.

Dead Space Kinesis Module

The Dead Space Kinesis Module is used to pick up objects and then fling them at enemies. The module can be found at the start of Chapter 2.

In this chapter, Isaac will be given it by an NPC as a part of the story.

Unlike the Dead Space Stasis Module, Kinesis is mainly used against tougher Necromorphs or large groups. It is particularly strong when picking up exploding barrels and items and throwing them at enemies, causing giant explosions. So, you will definitely want to make the most of it as you are exploring the Ishimura.

That covers the Dead Space Kinesis Module. Now that you have it, you can continue making your way through the game and completing the Dead Space chapters. If you are looking for more tips and help while completing the game check out our Dead Space walkthrough which is filled with guides.