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Dead Space Stasis Module location and how to use it

Find out how the Dead Space Stasis module works, its location and how to make the most of it during fights and to solve puzzles on the Ishimura.

Dead Space Stasis Module: Isaac can be seen using the Stasis Module

Dead Space throws a lot of enemies at you and in order to deal with them all you will need some good weapons and abilities to help you survive. One of the key ways of bringing down the Necromorphs is the Dead Space Stasis Module, which is obtained pretty early on in the game.

This guide will go over its main use in combat and puzzle-solving within Dead Space, as well as how and where to get it. As we said, it’s unlocked pretty early into the length of Dead Space, so you won’t have to do too much hunting around for it or be the victim of that many jump scares.

Dead Space Stasis Module

The Dead Space remake Stasis Module is used to slow down objects and enemies. It can be found early on just outside the tram station in Chapter 1.

Simply head down the ramp outside and you will see it on the ground, next to a Stasis recharge point.

Stasis is key to surviving the Ishimura and you will want to keep your bar filled to be able to keep using the power. In order to Recharge Stasis in Dead Space you will need to use the designated stations scattered around the ship and denoted by the blue Stasis icon.

Overall, this is an ability you will use throughout your journey and it is key to getting out alive! With the details on the Dead Space Stasis Module, be sure to check out additional guides which we have that can help you out. These can be found in our Dead Space walkthrough and include our overview of the Dead Space Weapons and Dead Space chapters.