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Dead Space weapons

Are you looking for a guide to all the Dead Space remake weapons Isaac will pick up on his journey? Here is each and every one and their main functionality

Dead Space Remake Weapons: Isaac can be seen walking down a coridoor

Weapons are core to Dead Space. They are what you will be using to survive the horrors out on the USG Ishimura. But, with the Dead Space remake weapons, have they changed in any way or are there any new additions you can look forward to when you start playing?

This guide will be your answer, providing a brief overview of all the weapons in the Dead Space remake and how they work. Whether it be close-range, reliable firearms, or powerful, hulky weapons, the variety in Dead Space is still as great as it was back in the original. So, if you want an overview of the weapons and more then read on below, as well as check out our story guides such as our list of the Dead Space chapters and the Dead Space length.

Dead Space weapons

There are seven Dead Space remake weapons in the game and they are as follows:

  • Plasma Cutter
  • Line Gun
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Flame Thrower
  • Force Gun
  • Ripper
  • Contact Beam

Plasma Cutter

The Plasma Cutter is your standard basic weapon in the Dead Space remake with both horizontal and vertical fire allowing you to shoot enemies’ limbs and focus on different parts of the body. This is the first weapon you get in the game.

Line Gun

The Line Gun is a large horizontal weapon which fires in a straight beam. It effectively acts as a shotgun and is able to hit multiple enemies at once.

Pulse Rifle

The Pulse Rifle is a standard assault rifle shooting in bursts and is able to fire precisely. It is much more accurate than other weapons, but also capable of outputting a lot of damage quickly.

Flame Thrower

The Flame Thrower does what it says on the tin, spits out flames in front of you plastering a hallway or section of a room in a deadly fire. It is one of the more useful crowd-control weapons in the game, allowing you to hit large groups of enemies at once.

Force Gun

The Force Gun is Dead Space’s equivalent of a sniper rifle, firing out large, precise bolts. It is slow and not the most usable weapon throughout the game, but it can be key in certain moments.


The Ripper is one of the most unique weapons in the Dead Space remake. This gun comes with blades that will fire out and tear enemies apart or rip into the flesh of the Necromorphs.

Contact Beam

The Contact Beam is a charged weapon, which fires out a large pulse of energy which can kill Necromorphs. It is one of the heaviest guns in the game but also very powerful.

Those are your core Dead Space weapons. As with the original game, in addition to this, you also have your Dead Space Stasis Module and Dead Space Kinesis Module which can enhance your attacks and ensure you are able to take on tougher and tougher Necromorphs. If you are looking for even more guides to the game’s arsenal and kitting yourself out, our Dead Space remake walkthrough has a bunch of tips on upgrading your guns and more.