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Dead Space side missions

This article will take you through all the Dead Space side missions and where you can begin them as you are amking your way through the Ishimura

Dead Space Side Missions: Isaac can be seen

One of the big new additions with the Dead Space remake is a selection of new optional missions hidden throughout the Ishimura. These can be found as you progress through the main story and they task you with revisiting old areas. But, what are all the Dead Space side missions?

There are a good few to find as you are exploring and they offer up something new for players who played the original game. As you revisit areas with additional Dead Space weapons you will use your Dead Space security clearance to open up new rooms and areas and find additional logs, upgrades, items, Credits and more throughout Dead Space‘s Ishimura.

Dead Space side missions

There are a collection of new side missions in the Dead Space remake that you can find while exploring. They take you back to previous areas you have explored. The list of Dead Space side missions are:

  • Scientific Methods – Start from the Medical wing, Dr. N. Brennan – SMO
  • You Are Not Authorized – Start from the Captain’s Nest in the Bridge
  • Premeditated Malpractice – Start from the Cryogenic Chamber, Hydroponics

The Scientific Methods side quest will see you exploring Nicole Brennan’s findings while she was aboard the Ishimura. You Are Not Authorized kicks off at the Captain’s Next where you can interact with the console next to the logs and has you finding rigs around the Ishimura. Finally, Final Regeneration will dive into the Hunter’s origins as you use its tissue sample to find out more about it.

That covers our guide on the Dead Space side missions. During your playthrough, you will need to complete these before you finish and move on to the Dead Space new game plus mode. For more guides and tips on the game, check out our Dead Space walkthrough article.