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Dead Space security clearance and how to upgrade it

Motive have added in a brand new Dead Space remake security clearance gameplay mechanic which changes where and when you can access parts of the Ishimura

Dead Space Security Clearance: Isaac can be seen

Motive has made a lot of tweaks to the formula in the Dead Space remake. But, one big change the studio has made is the addition of the Dead Space security clearance mechanic. This changes how and when you can access certain parts of the Ishimura and replaces a similar mechanic from the original game.

These security clearance upgrades are vital to progression in Dead Space as they allow you to access areas and rooms with secrets or vital upgrades. Below, you can find out how to get all the Dead Space security clearance upgrades so that you can properly explore and see all the USG Ishimura has to offer to find more items and upgrades for the best Dead Space weapons.

Dead Space security clearance

Dead Space remake’s security clearance mechanic is brand new for this version of the game and locks off certain areas of the Ishimura until you find the upgrades. These upgrades are naturally given to you throughout the story and Dead Space chapters.

The exact spots you get the security clearance updates are:

  • Security Clearance level 1: obtained during chapter 2 after obtaining the Captain’s Rig
  • Security Clearance level 2: obtained during chapter 3 after you meet Hammond in the Captain’s Nest
  • Security Clearance level 3: obtained during chapter 7 upon finding Dallas in the Mining Deck

As we mentioned, all of these are unlocked during main story missions and quests, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on them. By getting them, you will be able to backtrack through areas and pick up a lot of extra items and complete optional objectives, find secrets, and finish some of the Dead Space side missions.

That covers all you need to know about how the new Dead Space security clearance works. For more tips on the remake’s new mechanics, check out our guide on the Dead Space new game plus mode and more in our Dead Space walkthrough.