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You need to check out this first look at Chrono Odyssey’s snow biome

If you're looking forward to playing Chrono Odyssey on PS5 and Xbox, you have to look at this new artwork showing the MMORPG's snowy ruins ahead of launch.

Chrono Odyssey new snow biome: a person with an eyepatch from the MMORPG

If there’s one game out there we’re desperate to learn more about, it’s Chrono Odyssey. While we haven’t seen too much of this title yet, it’s one of the most interesting upcoming Xbox games and one of the several upcoming PS5 games worth keeping an eye on. In fact, it could end up being one of the best RPG games out there. We know that’s quite a big claim, but NPixel has just debuted an image of a Chrono Odyssey snow biome and it’s giving us both Skyrim and Dark Souls in the best way possible. When you combine that with everything else we know so far, it’s hard not to get excited about it.

Ahead of more information on the Chrono Odyssey release date and another glimpse at the truly excellent-looking Chrono Odyssey gameplay, NPixel has offered us our first real look at the game’s snow biome – and it looks great. Described as a place where a great civilization had taken root in a rather barren part of Setera, the image itself screams of Skyrim’s snowy mountains and Dark Souls’ danger-ridden forts.

As you can see below for yourself, the image shows a character standing on a snow-covered cobblestone path that leads up into some rather impressive – and intriguing – ruins. The castle’s ruins themselves seem old and largely abandoned, with wooden scaffolds in disrepear and snow building on the worn parapets.

Interestingly, though, it doesn’t look like these ruins have been abandoned for too long. There is moderate snow build-up on the seemingly abandoned wagons either side of the cobblestones, but the path itself seems like one that’s travelled on more-often than not. Near the top-end of the path, as you get to the entrance to the ruins themselves, there are some spiked barriers constructed.

Chrono Odyssey new snow biome art: an image of ruins from the MMORPG

With the state of the rest of the ruins and the woodwork, you have to imagine that these were constructed and positioned long-after the castle itself was – well – ruined. This could suggest that there are some dangers lurking within, but we just don’t know for sure.

Either way, in the best way possible, we can’t help but think of Skyrim when we see this image. When you couple that with the gameplay we’ve seen already, too – which you can also check out yourself below – it’s hard not to get excited about this soulslike MMORPG.

One thing we will say, though, is that there’s no telling whether the snow biome in Chrono Odyssey’s final release will look anything like this, or not. This might look like a screenshot or an in-engine capture, but a squirrel-like shape in the foreground of the image (bottom right) seems to confirm that this is concept art – just, very detailed concept art. Even though it might be out of focus, a squirrel would still look more like a squirrel in-game (we hope, anyway).

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So, while we do think there’s potential that this could sneak into our list of the best games of all time if it delivers on what it promises – and the potential it has using Unreal Engine 5 – it’s worth taking everything you see with a pinch of salt.

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