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Warzone’s new Vondel easter egg gifts these unmissable COD weapons

A new Warzone easter egg makes buffing your loadout with slick weapons an unmissable opportunity, but COD fans will need to follow a few steps to get them.

Warzone Vondel weapon crate easter egg

It is always a treat when Warzone harbors awesome secrets, but many often go unnoticed by Call of Duty fans. A new Warzone easter egg within Vondel is beginning to emerge, which can furnish your loadout with some exceptional weaponry, rivaling many of the best Warzone guns. With a bit of patience, they can be yours, too.

In Vondel, these new red shipping containers can now appear on the map at random, giving you access to powerful weapon blueprints that likely can’t be found elsewhere during your game. According to ‘CovertMF’, there are six possible POIs at which it will spawn.

In return for your efforts, you’ll be granted “rewards 4 blueprints, 1 killstreak, and 2 Field Upgrades for use in only that game.” Here’s what you need to do, YouTuber ‘YTLukeyy’ provides the necessary steps:

  • Locate the red container in your game
  • Note the keypad on the door, with green and red lights
  • Find nearby locks/devices and shoot them, which will spawn near the container. These locks will reportedly be in the same location at every POI.
  • Once you’ve shot them, the container will open
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For your troubles, you’ll be able to pick up the Kingbreaker M13B, Detox Satin MG38, and Hissing Envy Chimera. The M13B and Chimera respectively often appear in the best Warzone loadouts, so they’re definitely not to be overlooked.

This nifty weapon crate easter egg, which YouTuber ‘YTLukeyy’ depicts above, currently works in standard battle royale and Resurgence playlists. Whether these crates will appear in DMZ mode remains to be seen, but the rewards would be a welcome aid in extracting safely from the map.

With the Warzone Season 5 release date approaching, we could also be closer to the Modern Warfare 3 reveal. Previous COD titles like Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War both received unique events to celebrate their announcements. But if you can’t wait for that moment, here are some upcoming PS5 games to look out for in the meantime.