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Warzone players will fear this “slept on” meta SMG ahead of Urzikstan

Getting prepared for the new Warzone map is crucial, and before it arrives, the Warzone meta welcomes this overlooked SMG into battle.

A new chapter is beginning for Warzone, as the Call of Duty battle royale prepares to launch the brand-new map, Urzikstan. However, the threat remains as furious as ever from enemy players, but you can stomp them down with a properly set up weapon from the ever-changing Warzone meta. Don’t skip over this familiar SMG, as it could just be what you need to secure a win.

We know how tough it can be to find that perfect setup in Warzone, and while consistent nerfs can be an annoyance, we reckon this superb FSS Hurricane build is amid the best Warzone guns you can pick up right now. You may have dismissed this SMG in favor of other Warzone meta weapons, but Call of Duty YouTuber ‘Klubo’ presents a solid case for this “slept on” Warzone FSS Hurricane configuration.

The excellent fire rate of the FSS Hurricane has remained an appealing aspect for this weapon since it arrived in the game, but like you, we’ve been tempted by the reliability of a trusty Warzone Lachmann Sub loadout in the past. However, this particular FSS Hurricane SMG build is all about accuracy, which excels as one of the weapon’s best attributes in this setup. Now, if you want to get far in one of the best battle royale games around, we’ve altered the weapon tuning in Klubo’s setup to reflect changes within the game:

  • Laser: Schlager Peq Box IV
  • Muzzle: SA SchallDamper 99 -1.20, +0.90
  • Underbarrel: Demo Cleanshot 40 -0.60, -0.20
  • Stock: Demo Quicksilver Stock -3.00, -2.00
  • Rear Grip: XTEN Grip -0.80, -0.40
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If you’re somewhat of a fiend for the Overkill perk, then using this SMG in any of the best Warzone loadouts we’ve collated will give you a surefire advantage over your enemy. This FSS Hurricane build reminds us of another meta pick, in the form of this classic COD SMG from the franchise’s rich history.

We also recognize that the FSS Hurricane has had a shaky reputation over the course of recent seasonal updates, with other weapons like the Chimera and Lachmann Shroud attempting to catch up with it. Nevertheless, we’ve put this gun to the test with great results, and as you can see below, Klubo does some nasty damage with it too.

Whether this SMG is to your liking or not, what you can do is check out our roster of MW3 guns, all of which will be carrying into Warzone imminently.