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You’ll rise up the Warzone meta with this classic Call of Duty SMG

When in doubt you can always rely on a COD favorite to demolish Warzone players, and this Warzone meta SMG is perfect to stomp out enemies.

Warzone Meta SMG MP5 Lachmann Sub

With every seasonal update for Warzone, new weapons shift up and down the Call of Duty pantheon, affecting the Warzone meta for better or worse. Even with fresh weapons to experiment with, you can't beat the classics when it comes to delivering payback on the battlefield. Hailing back to an era that COD fans are fond of, this Lachmann Sub 'MP5' build is ripe for destroying enemies in Al Mazrah or Vondel.

Navigating the Warzone meta can be tricky, with dominators like this Warzone Kastov 762 loadout still proving to be formidable. You can start to turn the tides in your favor, though, as Call of Duty guru ‘EyeQew’ calls upon the Lachmann Sub to deliver justice. Referring to this building as the “M4 of SMGs” in Warzone, we still favor this MP5 variant ever since the days of Modern Warfare (2007).

Though the SMG has evolved considerably since then, noticeably losing its laser beam aim from those early COD entries, it can still output absolutely brutal damage in one of the best battle royale games around.

Easily one of the best Warzone guns in the game, you can pair it with any of your primary weapon preferences across many of the best Warzone loadouts that are still viable. Not only is this “super reliable” and has “never been bad” according to the YouTuber, we echo this statement and recommend using the following settings he recommends, albeit with our own adjustments:

  • Barrel: L38 Falcon 226MM -0.30, +0.20
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW -0.40, -20.00
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum
  • Stock: FT Mobile Stock -3.00, -1.50
  • Ammo: 9MM Hollow Point +0.70, +8.00
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Now, we’ve made some tweaks to EyeQew’s tuning here, following recent Warzone nerfs. These tuning preferences will serve you for getting the most out of this Lachmann Sub setup, though you can always change them yourself to find your own desired effect. Don’t forget to use the Firing Range on the loadout creation screen to see how it stacks up. Crucially, we’ve gone for the 50 Round Drum magazine instead of the 40 that EyeQew recommends.

It might seem detrimental to your reload speed, but with the other tuning adjustments we’ve made, we’re compensating for the duration of the 50 Round Drum reload. This SMG eats bullets quickly, so the more you’ve ready, the higher likelihood you’ll come out of your skirmish alive. It can be temping to use this Warzone ISO 45 loadout instead, but we know that Lachmann SMG is going to farewell in a variety of gunfights given its consistent performance across each update.

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