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Warzone’s worst skin is already a menace before Urzikstan launches

The highly divisive Groot skin in Warzone is causing havoc in spades, right before the new Warzone map Urzikstand arrives on PS4 and Xbox.

Warzone Groot Skin COD MW3

Visibility can be one of the toughest elements of Warzone gameplay, and with all these wild Call of Duty skins arriving, acquiring your target is harder than ever. The very irritating and divisive Groot skin has become a point of contention amid the game’s community, especially ahead of the fresh Warzone map, Urzikstan. Now, the skin continues to be under fire following the debut of MW3.

When the Gaia Warzone skin bundle arrived in one of the best battle royale games on PS5 and Xbox, problems quickly began to arise. Known as Groot due to the skin’s similarity to the Guardians of the Galaxy member, the Season 6 battle pass reward is tricky to spot in the battlefield, making it all the more annoying to suffer against it. Members of the Call of Duty community are taking issue with it still, despite Activision adding new “VFX to base skin that reflects the same level of visibility as BlackCell skin” in an October patch.

“I’ve been in lobbies with nothing but Groot skins hiding in the darkest corners, and it feels very much against the spirit of COD. It’s almost poor sportsmanship,” says ‘MobilePenguins’. Others with more cynical outlooks believe it is intentional, as ‘Masked555’ adds, “they [Activision] know exactly what they are doing. They have made the ‘mistake’ of adding very hard to see skins multiple times now.”
Warzone Groot Gaia Skin MW3
While Urzikstan is yet to launch in Warzone, players can get a taste of the new map in MW3 Zombies, and also carry their favorite skins over from Modern Warfare 2 to the MW3 multiplayer experience. However, while the Groot skin isn’t pleasant to encounter, we’ve definitely seen worse in Warzone. Are we all forgetting the wrath of the original Roze skin in the Verdansk era?

If Warzone has ever had anything close to pure invisibility, then the Roze skin is undoubtedly that. Clad in fully blacked out tactical gear, the Roze skin could just about sink into shadows, dark corners, and ill-lit areas of the map with ease, with players often laying in wait for unsuspecting squads. Want to get your loadout without being shot to death? Good luck with that, because there’s likely a Roze skin out there watching you. Like the Groot skin, Activision did later improve the visibility of the Roze operator, but it didn’t really make much different in practicality.

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Sledgehammer PLEASE nerf the Groot skin already….
byu/Glittering-Laugh8544 inModernWarfareIII

There are a few things you can do to try and combat the Groot skin, though. By observing the current Warzone meta, you can get ahead of your enemies with the best Warzone loadouts and best Warzone guns in the game. You might not be near invisible, but it’s a start to get a Warzone win.