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Warzone’s hiding 5 golden guns in Vondel, and here’s how to find them

If you're looking for a leg-up in DMZ on PS5, Xbox, or PC, there are five golden guns you can find in the new Warzone Resurgence map Vondel and they're great.

Warzone Vondel golden guns: an image of a solider in yellow light from the FPS

Call of Duty’s Season 4 update for Warzone is finally upon us and with it comes a brand new Resurgence-scale map: Vondel. Available in this respawn-based battle royale mode and DMZ, the Amsterdam-based map is already something of a Double XP paradise; tight urban areas and long sightlines are going to let you take full advantage of the best Warzone guns when you drop in. Although, this map also has you covered if you’re looking for something a little special. Vondel is just absolutely packed with golden guns for you to find in DMZ.

Yes, that’s right; Warzone took a bit of a break when it came to hiding golden guns in DMZ with Ashika Island, but it’s back in full-force for Vondel. Even though finding golden weapons in DMZ isn’t anything too new, Vondel is shockingly offering up – at least – five for players to find. If you and your squad are quick enough, and well-organized, you could all leave in the exfil chopper with a golden gun each – and even have a spare. That doesn’t sound so bad at all, does it?

Well, that depends on what your best Warzone loadouts look like and which weapons are your favorite in-game. For example, there’s a slick golden .50 GS (Desert Eagle) hidden in Al Mazrah – which is great, of course, and something you can find yourself if you check out this video from Call of Duty content creator ‘LaserBolt‘. However, getting your hands on it is a little pointless if you don’t like using it – or, if you can’t use it very well. This might be one of the hardest-hitting sidearms, but it’s slow and missing more than one shot could be a fatal mistake in a firefight.

Thankfully, though, with Vondel being home to more than just one golden gun, you should find that there’s something for everyone on offer – if you can get your hands on them first, of course. The five golden weapons you can find in Vondel right now are the KV Broadside shotgun, the FJX Imperium sniper rifle, the Victus XMR sniper rifle, the Signal 50 sniper rifle, and the M13B assault rifle. We know that’s a lot of sniper rifles, but they do come in handy in Vondel – so, it’s going to be worth picking one up if you can. Thankfully, popular CoD content creator ‘MrDalekJD‘ has worked out how you can find each and every one golden gun available at the moment.

If you want to get your hands on one of the best KV Broadside Warzone builds in DMZ, you’ll need to head into the Police Station POI. When you get inside, you need to make your way to the corridor of jail cells on the first floor. Inside one of these, leaning against one of the beds, you’ll find the golden KV Broadside.

Warzone Vondel golden guns KV Broadside: an image of the shotgun in the FPS

Next up, we have the FJX Imperium. As one of the best sniper rifles in Warzone right now, finding this golden gun is going to be well worth your time. All you need to do to find this one is search the top floor of the Castle POI.

Sat on a red chair in a bedroom just above the Castle POI’s southern-most entrance, you’ll find a gold FJX Imperium waiting for you – if no one’s got there first.

Warzone Vondel golden guns FJX Imperium: the sniper rifle on a chair in the FPS

The one-shot Victus XMR, though, is one golden weapon you really need to be looking for in Vondel. In order to find this, you’re going to need to head to the Central Station POI. Once inside, you need to find a ticket booth in disrepair, head around to the walkway overlooking it, and hop onto it’s roof. You should be able to see the Victus XMR waiting for you.

This is, as far as we can tell, the same build as the limited-time Saint Patrick’s Day Victus XMR weapon. So, you know it’s going to be one of the best Victus XMR builds out there.

Warzone Vondel golden guns: an image of the Victus XMR on a roof in the FPS

If you want to get your hands on the Signal 50, you’ll be pleased to know that this is quite straight-forward. All you’re going to need to do is head into the Stronghold in the Market POI and clear it out. Once you’ve done that, you need to head up to the second floor to find the billiards tables. On one of the cue racks, you’ll find a golden Signal 50 waiting to be picked up.

This might not be the best Signal 50 build ever, but it’s one that’s better-suited to mid-range firefights and could prove very useful in Vondel’s closer-knit quarters.

Warzone Vondel golden guns Signal 50: an image of the map with a Stronghold highlighted in the FPS

Finally, you can get your hands on a golden M13B in Vondel – but, it isn’t going to be as simple as getting the others. To get your hands on this weapon, you’re going to need to find an underwater tunnel in the smaller canal to the left of the Police Station POI. When you’re in the canal, it should be obvious – but, it’s also located just to the right of the “F5” map quadrant marker when you’re looking at an overview of Vondel. It’s not in the F5 square, but just to the right of the actual indicator itself.

It’s worth noting that you’re going to need a Rebreather Field Upgrade if you want to make it to the other end of the tunnel. So, make sure you’re well-equipped before dropping into Vondel. If you want to know which route to take, as there are a few junction points you can go down, you should check out the video below at around the 03:45 mark.

YouTube Thumbnail

Once you head through this tunnel, though, and make your way up the ladder it leads you to, you should find yourself on the other side of a Stuck Door – something you may have come across in the map’s housing district before. In the kitchen, resting against a folded table, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the best M13B builds in Warzone – and, it’s golden, which is never a bad thing.

With all these guns being prominent players in the Warzone meta and often seen as some of the best Warzone weapons available, picking up even one in your next DMZ match is going to make a huge difference.