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Warzone’s new Vondel map is already a Double XP paradise

Warzone 2 Season 4 is live now on PS5 and Xbox, bringing the new Warzone map Vondel to COD fans alongside chances to get double XP while mid-game.

Warzone 2 Vondel map double xp event

Activision is taking the fight to a new battlefield, as Al Mazrah and Ashika Island are left in the rearview mirror with the arrival of Warzone 2 Season 4. The latest Warzone map, Vondel, shifts the gunfire to a Netherlands-inspired locale, but it is the latest Warzone public event that has us excited. Time to boot up soldier, here’s your chance to get some Warzone 2 double XP.

Introducing itself on the Vondel map, this public event will occur during matches, but time is of the essence if you want to capitalize on this easy path to leveling up the best Warzone guns.

According to the latest Warzone 2 Season 4 patch notes, Vondel Resurgence mode includes a new event called High Stakes.

“Players will be prompted to capture any of several crates that are dropped from the sky,” the patch notes explain. “Capturing one of these will provide Players with some very useful loot such as a portable buy station, armor, and or munitions, alongside some cash.”

Getting your hands on ammo and plates is nice, but “a successful capture will grant players with double weapon and player XP for the duration of the match.” With many players diving into the Warzone 2 Vondel map alongside you, this event is sure to be pretty spicy – meaning that you or your teammates might enter the gulag a little too early.

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Should that happen though, the new Reinforcement Flare field upgrade could be your lifeline to victory. “This field upgrade will redeploy an eliminated Squad member that is randomly selected,” explains the latest COD blog post. Let’s hope your teammate is ready and raring to go should they be called back into duty (we had to, sorry).

You’ll likely come across the fresh supply box addition around Vondel, known as the Favorite Supply Box, which equips players “with their 2 favorite weapons. Don’t forget to select those in the custom loadout menu by using the “set to favorite” option.

Vondel marks a first for Call of Duty Warzone 2, as the map is developed by Beenox, as opposed to Raven Software. Beenox has a long history with the COD franchise, having supported the development of several PC releases. Though, we’re big fans of its series of Spider-Man games – yes, even The Amazing Spider-Man has some redeeming qualities ahead of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release date.

As with every Warzone 2 update, a loadout refresh is always important. Put this Warzone 2 TAQ-56 loadout to good use and you’ll be claiming that double XP easily.