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MW3 could signal the end of Warzone DMZ mode as Zombies returns

Warzone DMZ mode could be left on the sidelines in Modern Warfare 3, as the new Call of Duty game hones in on its open-world MW3 Zombies experience.

Modern Warfare 3 Warzone DMZ mode

Modern Warfare 3 promises a hefty amount of content to dive into on the MW3 release date, but when it comes to the next iteration of Warzone DMZ mode, you may need to temper your expectations. Is DMZ going to be in MW3? Well, according to COD Zombies expert ‘MrDalekJD’, it could be axed as MW3 Zombies shifts into the spotlight.

At Sledgehammer Games, I asked if DMZ is returning after learning about Modern Warfare 3 Zombies,” says the YouTuber. In response, MrDalekJD claims that “the answer I got was ‘we are not discussing the future of DMZ at this time’. Make of that what you will.” The new COD Zombies experience, appearing in the MW franchise for the first time, appears to take its influences from Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode. 

Now, it could be that Sledgehammer is saving the new Warzone DMZ mode for a grander reveal in the future. However, with the mode not featuring in the recent COD blog post that details the game’s suite of features, it isn’t looking too positive regarding its inclusion.

MW3 DMZ Mode

Set within the “largest Zombies map ever“, the new mode features up to six squads (24 players) dropping into what is rumored to be the next major Warzone map, in a completely PvE experience. That means you’ll be fighting an array of undead combatants, including the likes of Dark Aether lore enemies like the Mimic. Interestingly, like Warzone’s DMZ mode, you’ll be gathering intel and extracting out of the map, allegedly within a 60-minute timeframe.

It sounds like Zombies’ approach to melding DMZ’s core features could mean that DMZ mode will be abandoned, despite its popularity with COD fans. Additionally, he adds that story missions will aid to separate MW3 Zombies from completely using DMZ’s gameplay formula: “you’re going to have missions layered on that progress the storyline.”

This will be “told through three acts” and “there is going to be a special mission that transitions you from the big map to a sub map where you’ll have a more crafted experience.” Whether it is better than Vanguard’s attempt to forgo traditional Zombies gameplay, only time will tell.

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The YouTuber notes that “for the MW3 Zombies briefing, it was presented by Kevin Drew, associate director of design [at] Treyarch, in charge of Zombies systems and Outbreak for Cold War.” 

While Zombies has potential to be a positive spin on the long-running mode, leaving DMZ mode might be a counter-intuitive move for Warzone, as the mode’s Tarkov-like gameplay helped break up the monotony of traditional multiplayer.

Whether you’re into DMZ mode or not, there is still the MW3 beta to look forward to, which will give you your first sample of MW3 multiplayer.