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Simple MW3 Zombies Ray Gun schematic method shouldn’t be overlooked

The notion of how to get the Ray Gun schematic can be annoying in MW3 Zombies, so here's how to increase your chances of getting it.

MW3 Zombies get Ray Gun schematic

It doesn’t matter which era of Zombies it is, the best Wonder Weapon is obviously the Ray Gun. Slick, strange, and powerful, the MW3 Zombies iteration of the classic gun is just as awesome. However, acquiring the MW3 Zombies Ray Gun schematic isn’t exactly easy. With a bit of luck, and this method in particular, you can get your hands on the elusive schematic in no time at all.

We hear you Call of Duty fanatics, you’re wondering: “how do I get the Ray Gun in MW3 Zombies?” Well, the bad news is that you’ll need to brave the highest threat tier of the map, but with a few MW3 meta weapons, it’ll be a breeze. Your best way of acquiring the Ray Gun schematic is by completing the Deliver Cargo contract located in the red threat zone. As opposed to taking Bounties or raiding for weapon stashes, this contract is easily done solo to get one of the best MW3 guns around.

Before you drop into the match, it is worth equipping either the Aether Shroud or Tesla Storm Field Upgrade. With Aether Storm equipped, you’ll be invisible to the undead, giving you enough time to open the garage doors for the contract and drive away. Alternatively, Tesla Storm wards off zombies with electrical damage. With a bit of experimentation in one of the best FPS game experiences around, YouTuber ‘LaserBolt’ recommends clearing the contract area with a Precision Airstrike if you’d prefer to wipe the garage clean of zombies from afar.

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While Laserbolt doesn’t offer this piece of advice, we think it is crucial to get hold of Stamin-Up and Juggernog too, either via buying them in-game or crafting them beforehand. The former will give you increased speed to outrun foes, while Juggernog will be vital for taking as much damage as possible.

In our experience, the chances of the Ray Gun schematic spawning as a reward is luck based, so don’t expect it immediately. Nevertheless, as a contract with the least risk in regard to combat, repeatedly doing it across several matches will eventually turn the tides in your favor. Laserbolt is so confident in this method that he runs it with only a single armor plate, but we’d still advise you to purchase a two-plate vest from a Buy Station.

One element that poses a risk to your success is Laserbolt’s recommendation of duplicating the contract. With unsteady servers as a result of the MW3 Zombies Sentry Gun exploit, putting extra time into this could cost you valuable exfiltration time. Instead, continue to complete it once per match, and as you can see below, Laserbolt proves it will yield the Ray Gun schematic.

MW3 Zombies Ray Gun Schematic

MW3 Zombies is all about trial and error, so don’t be deterred if it doesn’t for you immediately. You can make it easier, though, with a few handy tricks. This free MW3 Zombies perks information is excellent to know, and with this MW3 Zombies XP farm method, you can get prepared for the MW3 Zombies boss fight.