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The best way to get MW3 assault kills in multiplayer

Find out exactly what Operator assault kills are and how to quickly complete the challenge to get MW3 assault kills to unlock the WSP Akimbo Brace stock.

If you’re looking to get the WSP Akimbo Brace Stock for the week three challenges, then you’ll no doubt have run into the issue of needing to get MW3 Operator assault kills. With the game giving you no directive at all, you’d naturally assume that MW3 assault kills would require you to get kills with an assault rifle. Well, sadly it’s not quite that straightforward. Luckily for you though, we’ve figured out what Operator assault kills are and how to get assault kills in MW3.

MW3 is full of multi-layered challenges to complete, from the staggering array of MW3 camos to the overly complicated Armory system. However, where you’re most likely to run into the Operator assault kill challenge is actually with the MW3 Aftermarket Parts system. With the week three challenge to unlock the WSP Akimbo Brace Stock, an attachment that’s bound to make some waves in the MW3 meta going into MW3 Season 1, it’s worth finding out all about Operator assault kills to quickly complete the challenge, as we did in our time with the game for our MW3 review.

How to get MW3 assault kills

To get Operator assault kills in MW3, you have to kill players that are defending an objective. As such, you must be playing an objective-based mode like Hardpoint, Control, or Domination. Yes, that unfortunately means you can’t get assault kills in deathmatch modes like Team Deathmatch or Free-For-All.

We recommend playing Hardpoint and contesting the objective to get lots of assault kills quickly. Since Hardpoint is the most action-packed of the MW3 modes, with all players being directed towards a single objective at a time, it’s the best method of getting assault kills fast. Since you’re notified when enemies are capturing the Hardpoint, it’s as simple as running towards the zone and killing them. This is how we completed the challenge ourselves.

In fact, if you want to be really cheeky, then you could find an advantageous position on the MW3 maps overlooking the current Hardpoint objective site. Since you don’t need to be on the objective yourself, unlike the Operator defense kills challenge, you only need to be able to see enemies that are holding the objective. So, find a nice spot with clear sights on the objective and hold your position. It’s not quite as action-packed as charging onto the Hardpoint guns blazing, but it’s a safer, more reliable way of getting Operator assault kills if you’re reflexes aren’t quick enough to charge in head first and bag a kill or two.

MW3 assault kills: The weekly challenge screen for the WSP Akimbo Brace Stocks, with the objective to get Operator assault kills.

For the WSP Akimbo Brace Stocks challenge specifically, you must get Operator assault kills using a ‘recommended weapon’. What is a recommended weapon, you ask? In short, this means you have to be using a weapon marked with the orange ‘recommended’ badge in the customization screen. This shouldn’t be too difficult as all of the new MW3 guns are considered ‘recommended’. This includes meta weapons like the best MW3 BAS-B loadout and the MW3 Striker loadout. MW2 Carry Forward guns are not considered ‘recommended weapons’, so these won’t progress the Operator assault kills challenge for the WSP Akimbo Aftermarket Part.

MW3 assault kills: The Striker, a recommended weapon, in the class customization screen.

So, if you’re hoping to get MW3 Operator assault kills completed in no time, suit up with the best MW3 loadouts and MW3 best guns and head into Hardpoint to push the objective. Once you’ve got all the MW3 Operator assault kills that you need, you’ll have a shiny new attachment in one of the best FPS games. If you’re still struggling, perhaps it’s time to get one of the best PS5 controllers or best Xbox controllers to give yourself a leg-up on your foes.