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MW2 is now “even more sweaty” following Season 5 movement changes

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 is live now on PS5 and Xbox platforms, bringing along some new movement tweaks that will change the pace of gunfights significantly.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 movement changes

Since Modern Warfare 2 arrived last year, Call of Duty fans continue to push the game’s movement system to its limits, hoping to capture the highs of its 2019 predecessor. Now, with Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 going available, the latest COD patch notes indicate fresh movement changes that are already pointing toward a considerable shift of pace during gunfights and outwitting your opponents with the best Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 guns.

Sliding is the bread and butter of fast-paced COD players, and if you feel like it hasn’t carried you around the map fast enough, that changes now. Activision explains that Season 5 implements “decreased slide time and increased slide velocity, so the player covers the same distance in a shorter amount of time.” Not only is sliding getting you farther on your travels, but you can expect “to fire slightly sooner after initiating a slide” too.

While some players might take the glory days of Black Ops-era dolphin dive any day, COD fans are glad to see Activision listen to fan concerns, though it might be too late. “They’ve had almost a year to listen to the community and improve the sliding, but only shipped it right before Modern Warfare 3 is out,” says ‘chell-cc‘ on the game’s subreddit.

It could be a sign of things to come as the Modern Warfare 3 reveal inches closer, but players like ‘Super-Base’ are hoping this isn’t a regression for the next entry: “I find this game is already pretty crazy with people jumping around drop-shotting and sliding all over the place in less than the same amount of frames it takes me to just raise my gun.” Conversley, ‘Eltra_Phoenix’ believes that this update is going to make MW2 “even more sweaty” going forward.

Sliding has been MASSIVELY buffed in this update
by u/TheRealPdGaming in ModernWarfareII

Sliding was first introduced into the COD franchise with Call of Duty Ghosts, with its inclusion leading it to appear in multiple titles since. Notably, games like Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 take their movement mechanics to divisive lengths via the use of jetpacks and boosts.

We know many of you are itching to see that era return, but with the Modern Warfare 3 release date about to emerge, you’ll have to keep those dreams held close for now. In the meantime, sliding around with ease means nothing if you don’t have decent weapons to utilize.

You’ll be glad to know that MW2 Season 5 introduces new additions to your weaponry, so don’t hesitate to unlock the FR-Advancer and Carrack 300.