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MW2 how to unlock the FR Advancer

Find out how to unlock the FR Advancer in MW2, the latest assault rifle that packs a punch with a rapid-fire rate and high damage per minute.

MW2 how to unlock FR Advancer: FR Advancer weapon from Modern Warfare 2 in front of an orange background

With Season 5 starting, you’ll want to find out how to unlock the FR Advancer in MW2 as soon as possible. This new assault rifle is a bullpup that dominates thanks to its rapid-fire rate and is especially powerful at mid-range.

Modern Warfare 2 is consistently putting some of the best MW2 assault rifles with each new season, with many of them becoming the best weapons in MW2 until further patches bring them down. As one of the new MW2 Season 5 guns, you won’t want to miss out on this weapon which could make an impact in the weapon category.

MW2 how to unlock the FR Advancer

You can unlock the FR Advancer in MW2 by completing Sector E8 of the battle pass. This is a free weapon, meaning you don’t need to purchase the premium version of the MW2 Battle Pass to be able to unlock the assault rifle.

Like many other weapons introduced at the start of the season, the FR Advancer is unlockable by completing sectors in the battle pass map. More specifically, this weapon is a free unlock by finishing Sector E8.

We recommend turning off auto-spend on battle pass tokens so you can focus on purchasing adjacent sectors and unlocking Sector E8 sooner. This way, you can set a path to getting the FR Advancer fairly quickly.

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As for the gun itself, the FR Advancer is an assault rifle that is incredibly powerful in mid-range firefights, thanks to its superbly fast fire rate and easy-to-learn recoil pattern.

Is it worth unlocking the FR Advancer in MW2?

Absolutely, as assault rifles in MW2 are some of the best weapons out there alongside SMGs. Thanks to their ability to be great at mid-range, but very capable during close-quarter situations.

While they do tend to get nerfed later on, that means there’s no better time to get the FR Advancer. If you want to level up fast and dominate matches, try to reach the E8 sector as soon as possible.

That’s how to unlock the FR Advancer in MW2. If you want something to speed up the process, make sure to check out the best loadouts in MW2, which will help you earn lots of kills for that extra XP. If you want a close-range weapon to go alongside it, check out the MW2 best SMGs too.