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Is XDefiant crossplay?

Here's everything you need to know about XDefiant crossplay if you're looking to team up with pals across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

XDefiant crossplay: A Cleaner holding and aiming a weapon to the right.

Is XDefiant crossplay? Playing with your friends is core to any multiplayer game and in recent years crossplay has shifted from a nice-to-have to an essential feature. Thankfully, Ubisoft sees it that way too, as XDefiant crossplay is in the game to help connect players together.

While the XDefiant meta will be constantly changing, your ability to play with and against players on other platforms won’t be. Below you can find full details on the FPS game‘s crossplay support, including whether you can turn it off and which platforms can be matchmade with each other.

XDefiant crossplay explained

XDefiant supports full crossplay between PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. It is enabled by default on all platforms. XDefiant also has cross-progression, allowing you to transfer your progress between these platforms using your Ubisoft Connect account.

Ubisoft has been a big supporter of crossplay for many years and the feature is now a staple in virtually all competitive multiplayer games, so it isn’t too surprising to see crossplay in XDefiant.

Even though there is full crossplay, Ubisoft has confirmed that your platform and your input (controller or mouse and keyboard) will be taken into account and affect your matchmaking. However, several other factors, such as your latency and party size, are much more heavily weighted in its decision making when trying to put you in a lobby.

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Can I turn crossplay off in XDefiant?

If you only want to play against people on the same platform as you, then yes, you can turn off crossplay. If you go to the game’s settings, and make your way to the ‘Account & Network’ tab, you’ll be able to switch off crossplay from there.

However, this of course runs the risk of giving you longer wait times to get into matches and will prevent you from squadding up with your pals on other platforms.

Now that you know all about XDefiant crossplay, you can recruit your friends, pick from the excellent lineup of XDefiant classes, and jump straight into battle. Also be sure to consult our best XDefiant loadouts guide before your next match and watch that K/D ratio soar.

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