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No, that isn’t the new Amazon Alexa, it’s the new Xbox Series X

If you're looking to pick up an Xbox soon, it may be worth waiting as new Xbox Series X console leaks are appearing online - and it looks like Amazon's Alexa.

Xbox new Series X console: an image of Master Chief from Halo looking at an Alexa

While we’re all still waiting to see just how many upcoming Xbox games from Microsoft’s first-party studios will also be upcoming PS5 games, several interesting internal documents from Xbox are leaking online, thanks to a blunder from someone working the Microsoft vs. FTC case. Among claims that an Oblivion remaster is in the works at Bethesda and reiteration that your chances of seeing The Elder Scrolls 6 on PS5 are slim, leaks also reveal a brand new Xbox Series X console is coming – and, it just looks like a massive Amazon Alexa.

In an effort to present players with yet-another platform to play some of the best Xbox games on, Microsoft is planning an “Xbox Series X refresh” in 2024 with a brand new all-digital version of the platform, codenamed Brooklyn. Officially unannounced as it stands, the document leaks reveal a slide that both showcases the console’s new design and highlights some of its key features.

The first thing you’re going to notice when you check out this leak, which you can for yourself down below, is that the new Xbox Series X console isn’t really a ‘box’ anymore. If the design stays the same – and we think it will – this will be the first Xbox console ever that isn’t a box. Sure, the Xbox 360 had some rounded edges, but it was still more-or-less a box shape. This, though, just reminds us of an Amazon Alexa – and not in a good way.

As you can see, it almost doesn’t look real. It’s giving us ‘obviously fake concept design’ and it’s certainly not something you’d expect to see from Xbox. This image, however, which was shared by The Verge, is the real deal.

Xbox new Series X console: an image of the leaked slide showing the new Xbox

If you’re wondering what an Amazon Alexa looks like, you can check that out below. Another great comparison would be a can of AriZona Iced Tea or some sort of modern air freshener. It’s just… not an Xbox, is it?

Xbox new Series X console: an image of an Amazon Alexa

When it comes to talking about the performance and output of this new Series X console, though, these are all things you would expect to see from a next-generation (or rather current-generation) console; Xbox has just updated them all slightly. It’s aiming to deliver 4K resolutions, will offer up to 2TB internal storage space, a USB-C port on the front, and improved wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E and BT 5.2 radio – which affects both internet connection and accessory connection.

This new Xbox Series X is also going to be even more sustainable than Microsoft’s last console, boasting 15% reduced PSU power, fully recyclable packaging, and a new low-power mode that uses just 20% of the power the current Xbox Series X low-power mode uses. There’s no mention of that making it to the other consoles, but you have to imagine Microsoft is working on that.

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Of course, larger internal storage makes this console worth keeping an eye on, especially if you’re looking to upgrade from a Series S – or switch from another platform. However, you can also look into picking up one of the best Xbox expansion cards for the current iteration of the Series X and make that decision a lot sooner than the currently-unconfirmed 2024 release date this console has. Sure, this might end up a little more expensive in the long run, as the new Xbox Series X will reportedly be the same price as the current version of the console, but it won’t have a disc drive.

While we wait for more on all of this, though, you can check out the best Xbox Game Pass games at the moment here and our picks for the best Xbox controllers right here. If you really want to make the most out of any Xbox console you have at the moment, you can even look at the best Xbox VPN options, too.