Xbox Game Pass adds 2 action-packed Soulslike games out of the blue

Xbox Game Pass owners are in for a true thrill-ride as Gunfire Games makes Remnant 2 on Game Pass a reality, alongside another Soulslike.

remnant 2 xbox game pass

The holiday season is here, and though the big day hasn’t arrived yet, that isn’t stopping Xbox from giving players a few gifts already. So, put down Starfield for a moment, and consider taking on the threat of The Root in Remnant 2. We’re talking about all manner of heinous, mighty bosses that await in Gunfire Games’ Soulslike shooter, as Remnant 2 on Xbox Game Pass becomes a reality. It isn’t alone, either.

Joining the list of the best Xbox Game Pass games is Remnant 2, one of the best Soulslikes games of the year, and a title we’ve put plenty of hours into here at The Loadout HQ. While the first game had a loyal following, the success of Remnant 2 makes it somewhat of a sleeper hit, and like all good surprises, Microsoft will now let you play both Remnant games for free via Xbox Game Pass.

Developer Gunfire Games is yet to offer an official statement, but eagle-eyed reporter ‘Wario64’ notes the discovery on social media, after Microsoft’s cunning stealth drop of the Soulslike titles. The sequel is particularly is easily one of the best Xbox games you can dive into right now, and this awesome Game Pass drops comes at a special time, too. That’s because The Awakened King DLC, the first of three major expansions, is now live to explore.

Remnant 2 Xbox Game Pass

Available for free with Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition or purchased separately, The Awakened King gives players an entirely new area to explore in the biome of Losomn, a Bloodborne style locale full of horrifying enemies to slay. Alongside a new addition to the best Remnant 2 classes, the new Archetype, The Ritualist, shakes up gameplay with a magical twist. Oh, and did we mention that you don’t actually need to own The Awakened King DLC to play it?

Yes, you can dive into the latest Remnant 2 DLC with your friends, but you won’t feel the full benefit of it without buying it, however. Specifically, you won’t be able to obtain some of the best Remnant 2 weapons around, but you will be able to get a taste of what Gunfire Games is cooking for the future of Remnant 2.

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As aforementioned, you can also play the first game on Xbox Game Pass too, but the great thing about Remnant lore is that the sequel doesn’t alienate the player. You can happily dive into Remnant 2 without any knowledge of the game’s threat, as you’ll be filled in promptly within the opening hour. After that, it’s a world of randomly generated worlds, enemies, and laying the smackdown on some seriously challenging bosses.

Aside from Remnant 2, don’t forget to keep updated with all the new Xbox games on the horizon, with more titles coming with the Xbox Game Pass December 2023 games list.