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More Remnant 2 DLC than confirmed likely, new Reddit AMA reveals

If you're already hungry for more Remnant 2 beyond what Gunfire Games has planned, you'll be glad to know even more Remnant 2 DLC is likely.

Remnant 2 DLC plans Reddit AMA : an image of a blue woman with elf ears and glowing eyes

If you’re sitting there thinking Gunfire Games’ several already-announced Remnant 2 expansions is everything you have to look forward to from this co-op shooter, then you might want to start thinking again. In a recent Reddit AMA, a lead developer is saying that even more Remnant 2 DLC is very likely – fans, as you might imagine, are ecstatic.

With three new Remnant 2 DLC expansions confirmed already and the first of those three, The Awakened King DLC, almost upon us now, a lead developer at Gunfire Games is teasing Remnant 2 players with even more unannounced content – as if that wasn’t enough. With this one of the best new PS5 games and new Xbox games of the year and already confidently one of the best soulslike games available at the moment, it looks like 2024 and beyond are bright for everyone enjoying the experience so far – and anyone who picks it up in the future, of course.

In a new Reddit AMA on r/Gaming, Gunfire Games’ principal designer Ben Cureton – often a source of information for the community – says that “there is a very good chance” more Remnant 2 DLC is coming “beyond what is currently planned”. Isn’t that a little bit exciting?

As you might imagine, Cureton doesn’t go into any more detail than that. However, we can look at what The Awakened King DLC is delivering, and what the DLC for Remnant From The Ashes looked like, to get a sense of what to expect.

While you don’t actually need to own the new Remnant 2 DLC to play it with someone who does, you will need to own it if you want to check out The Ritualist – the new addition to the list of Remnant 2 classes available. With the new Remnant 2 The Ritualist class archetype shaping up to be a very powerful addition to the game, this could be one of the best Remnant 2 classes available when it drops. We also think this is the perfect example of what players can expect to see from future DLC – confirmed or otherwise.

That being a new class, a new storyline and dungeons based in Losomn, several new in-game items and weapons for you to get your hands on, and new NPCs, enemies, and bosses to encounter. It’s as complete as a DLC expansion could get, really.

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However, while The Awakened King DLC adds these new story elements in a way that means players can encounter it at any point during their playthrough – which would make for a good system for quite a lot more content moving forward – we don’t think we’ll see any more expansions of this scale beyond the three Gunfire Games already has planned and announced. Remnant From The Ashes only has two major expansions, with Swamps of Corsus and Subject 2923, after all.

We know Remnant 2 is bigger and often better than Remnant From The Ashes, there is a limit to these expansions and we think smaller DLC drops that introduce bundles of new weapons and gear items alongside a few more classes seems more likely beyond the aforementioned planned expansions.

Although, on top of all this, Cureton does highlight that Gunfire Games is “working on some ideas for a new mode [and] new ways to play” Remnant 2. While nothing is set in stone, this is a welcome sign that the content beyond the planned expansions could actually be more expansive and additive to the experience than weapons and cosmetics. A ‘boss rush’ is something Cureton says would be tricky, but not impossible in response to a question. That would be interesting, although, it doesn’t sound like something Gunfire Games is going to entertain anytime soon.

So, ultimately, only time will tell what Gunfire Games has planned for Remnant 2. All we know right now is that it’s far from done with this title. For now, though, you can check out all the best Remnant 2 weapons available at the moment and read up on how Remnant 2 uses these Hollywood directors to avoid “generic tropes” throughout – from cutscenes, to environments, and more.