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New Remnant 2 The Ritualist class reveals an ultra powerful Archetype

The threat of The Root meets its maker with this powerful new Remnant 2 class, as The Ritualist arrives with The Awakened King DLC.

Remnant 2 The Ritualist class archetype perks

Remnant 2 is already full of some mighty Archetypes to take advantage of, but The Awakened King DLC is bringing forth a new challenger to battle. The new Remnant 2 The Ritualist class is showing promise ahead of the Archetype’s arrival, and look ripe to be become an absolute powerhouse, destined to be your favorite Remnant 2 class.

A strong contender for one of the best Soulslike games of the year, Remnant 2 is just getting started, as The Awakened King DLC marks the first of three sizeable expansions. While you may consider Archetypes like the Gunslinger or Hunter to be the best Remnant 2 class, the recent reveal trailer for The Ritualist demonstrates how this new Archetype “leverages Status effects to punish foes.” Armed with the fresh Prime Perk, Vile, this addition “makes enemies more susceptible to Status damage and spreads their Status’ to nearby enemies upon death.”

If that doesn’t sound powerful enough, developer Gunfire Games takes it up a notch with Eruption, which has the ability to explode enemies in the vicinity, and deals bonus damage to those affected by The Ritualist’s Status effects. Pair that with Miasma, with completely overloads foes with all manner of Status effects, players can also curse The Ritualist to grant massive power buffs at the cost of their own health. Get this class equipped with the best Remnant 2 weapons around, and we reckon you’ll be near unstoppable.

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Want to see exactly what Perks The Ritualist comes with? Luckily for you, principal designer Ben Cureton provides a full breakdown on social media. As Remnant 2 allows you to combine 2 Archetypes together, we think an initial pairing primed for success is choosing the Challenger Archetype to add a layer of protection.

While putting Challenger in the primary Archetype slot will forgo the usage of The Ritualist’s Vile perk, combining the other Status-based abilities with The Challenger’s heft seems like a combo that will obliterate the One True King. Here are all The Ritualist perks you can use in Remnant 2:

  • Vile (Prime Perk): Negative Status effects applied by Ritualist inflict infected. Infected victim receives 15% more Status effect damage. On death, spreads all statuses to nearby enemies within 15m
  • Wrath (Damage Perk): Increase all damage to enemies affected by Negative Status effect by 20%. Increase all Critical Chance against enemies affected by Negative Status effect by 10%
  • Terrify (Team Perk): Killing an entity applied Terrified to all enemies within 5m of killed entity for 20s. Terrified enemies are more likely to drop additional ammo on death. Terrified enemies deal 5% less damage
  • Dark Blood (Utility Perk): Reduces damage received from Negative Status effects by 25%. Reduces Blight buildup by 50%
  • Purge (Relic Perk): On Relic use, cleanses all Negative Status effects. Negative Status effects by Purge are applied to all enemies with 75m

Remnant 2 The Ritualist perks

We’re just as excited as you to see The Ritualist in action, and one of the coolest things about The Awakened King DLC is that you actually don’t need to own it. If you’re eager to know more about the next Remnant 2 expansion, here’s what Gunfire Games co-founder David Adams told The Loadout about crafting the game’s worlds, while Cureton tells us separately about DLC weaponry.