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Xbox Game Pass Core gets 3 new games today, including a top co-op FPS

Xbox Game Pass Core subscribers have struck gold as Deep Rock Galactic and two other ace titles make their way onto its mini (but mighty) library.

Xbox Game Pass Core games: A split image showing the white logo of Xbox Game Pass on a green background and a ginger-bearded miner from Deep Rock Galactic

For all you Xbox Game Pass Core subscribers, we come bearing excellent news – your library of must-play Xbox games has expanded, with three fresh games being added today. Headlining the trio is the brilliant and bonkers co-op FPS Deep Rock Galactic, but it’s also joined by Superhot: Mind Control Delete and Wreckfest.

While any Xbox Game Pass subscription represents incredible value, the monthly cost can still be too high for many gamers. Equally, some gamers may not want or need access to the full library of over 400 Xbox Game Pass games that comes with the higher tiers. That’s where Game Pass Core comes in, giving players online access for their multiplayer games and a smaller (but still very strong) lineup of free titles for a very affordable price of $9.99/ £6.99 per month.

Now, there’s a terrific trio joining that lineup to give you even more bang for your buck. Deep Rock Galactic is the one we’re most excited about. It’s one of the best co-op games out there, and sees you take on the role of a miner that’s sent into procedurally-generated caves and dungeons. The goal is to complete objectives that require you to mine specific resources, and then extract with them. However, there will be various hazards and enemies to contest with. The gameplay loop is intoxicating, but it’s the game’s aesthetic and humor that really makes it such a great time. If there’s one game of the three that we urge you to play, it’s Deep Rock.

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Then there’s Superhot: Mind Control Delete. This slick first-person shooter, which blesses you with loads of badass, stylized, slow-motion moments, was built for VR but plays just as well on Xbox consoles with a controller. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get some dedicated Xbox VR hardware one day to make Superhot sizzle even more.

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Finally, there’s Wreckfest – a racing game with a twist. Finishing first is the goal in any racer, of course, but in Wreckfest that can be achieved by both driving fast and destroying your opposition. While ramming opponents will land you time penalties and disqualifications in most racing games, Wreckfest encourages it with its visually-impressive demolition derby action.

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All three of these games were among the best Xbox Game Pass games for XGP Ultimate subscribers already, but from today, XGP Core subscribers can access them too.

The Xbox Game Pass Core games library already consisted of 38 great titles. You’ve got post-apocalyptic shenanigans in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 (which is very handy given the TV show’s recent boom in popularity), the haunting psychological horror of Senua’s Sacrifice: Hellblade (also handy, given the Hellblade 2 release date is right around the corner), and FPS game excellence thanks to the likes of Doom Eternal. With the addition of Deep Rock, Superhot, and Wreckfest, you’ve now got 41 games that you can play for free as part of your Core subscription.

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