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Fallout Season 2 locked in as Fallout game sales soar on PS5 and Xbox

Bethesda and Amazon confirm Fallout Season 2 is happening as the likes of Fallout 4 see massive sales boosts on PS4, PS5, and Xbox platforms.

Fallout Season 2 Fallout 4 Sales: An image of Ella Purnell in the Fallout TV Show on Amazon Prime, and a Knight in Power Armor in Fallout 4.

The new Fallout TV show is only a week old, and the passion for Bethesda’s RPG series is explosive – dare we say, nuclear. Now, Amazon Prime and Bethesda are setting their sights into the future, as Fallout Season 2 is officially in the works. But it isn’t just the TV show that is soaring, as PlayStation and Xbox players are flocking back to Fallout 4 after getting their fill on the small screen.

Following Fallout’s debut on Prime Video, sales of Fallout 4 are absolutely astronomical right now. Despite releasing way back in 2015 (yes it really is that old), the game’s sales have risen by 7,500% and aren’t showing signs of slowing down. According to a recent report from Games Industry, Fallout 4 is a major hit across all European markets, and has even overtaken the likes of co-op game mega-hit Helldivers 2. Given that Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 are often touted as the best RPG games in the franchise, you might be surprised to see Fallout 4 far higher in the charts.

However, Fallout 4’s availability on current-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, as seen in Games Industry’s report, is undoubtedly a large factor. Xbox owners certainly have it better than PlayStation players, though, as many of the older Fallout titles are among the best Xbox Game Pass games available right now. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are available in the Classics section of the PS Plus games list, but you’ll need a Premium-tier subscription to access them.

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If you feel compelled to join in on the fun, then Fallout 4 and the franchise’s multiplayer game spin-off Fallout 76 are both heavily discounted. Fallout 4 is currently available for $4.99/£3.99 on the PlayStation Store, while Fallout 76 retails slightly higher for $7.99/£6.99. And if you don’t have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, Xbox owners can get both games for $4.99/£3.93 and $7.99/£6.99 respectively.

You’ll have plenty of time to sink hours into them before Fallout Season 2 arrives. The Hollywood Reporter confirms the renewal of the show by Prime Video, and it is expected that producing duo Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will return. According to a new California Film Commission report, the second season is expected to have a budget of $152 million, $2 million more than the alleged budget of Fallout 4 itself.

If you’re after a slightly different RPG adventure, then how about taking a trip back to medieval times? Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 is set to arrive later this year, and it’s already looking like a massive open world game we want to spend hours exploring.