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The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses

Grab the Master Sword because it’s time to beat all The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses and mini-boss enemies in this Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Tears of the Kingdom is full of ferocious foes to battle against in the name of Hyrule, some more menacing than others like the deadly Lynel. Here are all The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses and boss enemies you can fight in the game so you’re prepared to defend Hyrule.

With Link’s new arsenal of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom powers and abilities, you’ll be able to take down bosses in brand new ways, including creating Zelda Tears of the Kingdom vehicles. You’ll need to know all you can to take down some of the strongest The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses. We also recommend doing some Zelda Tears of the Kingdom cooking to make some meals prior to any boss fight.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses are:

  • Queen Gibdo
  • Sludge Like
  • Mucktorok
  • Moragia
  • Marbled Gohma
  • Colgera
  • Phantom Ganon
  • Seized Construct
  • The Demon King’s Army
  • Demon King Ganondorf
  • Demon Dragon

Queen Gibdo

The scourge of the Lightning Temple, Queen Gibdo is a moth-like creature that spreads tornados across the arena and moves around at a distance.

Your best bet to deal with it is by using your bow and arrows fused with items like Fire Fruit to stun it, then move in to deal damage with your melee weapons.

You can watch a video of the boss fight below, thanks to ‘Boss Fight Database‘:

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Sludge Like

A strange worm creature covered in disgusting sludge, the Sludge Like boss requires you to use Sidon’s water bubble to use a water-based attack against the boss to clear its sludge, before attacking the strange ball to stun it.

After this, it will be stunned and you can deal attacks against it. Watch out for the various puddles of sludge that will slow you down, as well as the raining sludge that Sludge Like spits into the air.

You can see Sludge Like in action by checking out the video from ‘Mixeli‘ below:

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Who doesn’t like a shark made out of sludge? Mucktorok, the scourge of the Water Temple, is a fast-moving boss that doesn’t like water, so you’ll need to use Sidon’s water bubble to create a water-based attack to remove the sludge and make Mucktorok itself appear.

When you remove the sludge, Mucktorok will start running away, so chase it down with your Tears of the Kingdom companions and hit it as many times as you can. Watch out for the waves of sludge when Mucktorok dives into the ground, which is best avoided by jumping over them.

You can watch the Mucktorok boss fight by checking out the video from ‘Mixeli‘ below:

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The living, and giant rock creature coming from Death Mountain, you’ll need to fly some plane-like contraptions fitted with different Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Devices to reach it. Once you’re facing one of the three parts of Moragia, you can send Yunobo to charge at the different pieces, dealing devastating damage.

Find out how to defeat Moragia by watching the video from ‘Mixeli‘ below:

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Marbled Gohma

This giant rock crab-like monster is the scourge of the Fire Temple, and while it may be giant, it’s fairly easy to handle once you know how to defeat it. Use Yunobo to charge and destroy the legs of the creature, while avoiding the ground pounds that it uses to attack.

When it’s legs are destroyed, it will fall to the floor, so climb up to its eye and attack it. This phase will repeat until you finally destroy it, so keep yourself healed up and you’ll defeat it in no time!

Find out how to defeat Moragia by watching the video from ‘Mixeli‘ below:

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Within the Wind Temple lies its scourge, Colgera. This icy dragon-like creature can be defeated by using arrows fused with fire materials such as Fire Fruit, allowing you to damage its weak points covered in ice. You can use the Tears of the Kingdom paraglider to control where you go, but watch out for the tornadoes that Colgera summons.

You can watch a video of the Colgera fight below, thanks to ‘Boss Fight Database‘:

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Phantom Ganon

The ghostly version of the Demon King makes up for a few boss fights in Tears of the Kingdom. Within the Hyrule Castle is your first fight with Phantom Ganon, who will create numerous apparitions of himself that all have their own health, but he deals a great amount of damage. Use your various contraptions, such as Time Bombs to slow him down to make things a bit easier.

Next, you’ll find his phantom within the Deku Tree. This version only has one Ganon phantom, and he’s a lot slower, but he packs a hell of a punch and has a lot more health. Avoid the various puddles of gloom on the floor, and watch as he floats towards you and tries to attack for an opening, where you can then offer a few hits against him.

The third, and final time you’ll meet Phantom Ganon is below Hyrule Castle. He is similar to the second encounter you have with him, being slower and having more health, but by now, you should have stronger gear that makes him easier to deal with. Attack him a bunch of times and he’ll be down fairly quick.

You can find out how to defeat the different versions of Phantom Ganon by watching the video from ‘Mixeli‘ below:

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Seized Construct

A Zonai Construct controlled by the weird gloom found across Hyrule, the Seized Construct locks you within a boxing-style ring in a match to save the Spirit Temple.

You’ll need to control your friendly construct companion to deal damage to this boss, by using the left hand (L button) to hit with melee attacks and the right hand (R button) to deal a ranged attack. You can also guard like normal too.

Watch the video below from ‘Banden‘ to find out how to beat this boss:

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The Demon King’s Army

The Demon King’s Army isn’t a traditional boss, rather a swarm of single enemies you need to deal with, but we count it due to the fact it has a standard boss health bar.

Fortunately, during this boss fight, you’ll have a few companions who can help deal with the masses of controlled Bokoblins and other various enemies, but the best bet is to use weapons or items that deal damage in an area of effect, or AoE attacks as you may know them by.

See The Demon King’s Army in action in the video below, thanks to ‘BeardBear‘:

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Demon King Ganondorf

The moment you’ve been waiting for (again), the boss fight against Ganondorf himself. When fighting Ganondorf, you can attack his small waves of gloom to send them back at him, and we also recommend parrying or side stepping his standard attacks to initiate a flurry rush attack, dealing a lot of damage in quick succession.

Occasionally, he will cause air to rise up from the ground, meaning he’s about to deal a large attack that hits the whole arena. Use your paraglider to float up high, and then use your bow with fused materials to deal damage and avoid the aforementioned attack.

After defeating him in his first phase, he will become more powerful and gain a larger health bar. The main threat, aside from Ganondorf himself, is his ghostly apparitions that also attack you, so watch out for them but focus on the boss himself. He’s a lot faster here, but using the side step is your best bet and flurry rushing when he’s vulnerable, and you’ll get his health down soon enough.

You can watch the Demon King Ganondorf boss fight below thanks to ‘Shirrako‘ on YouTube:

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Demon Dragon

Things really can’t be simple, but now you’re at the final boss fight. Demon Dragon is the demonified dragon version of Ganondorf himself, who flies high up into the sky. But fortunately, you have a friendly dragon to help you defeat him. Fly high up above the Demon Dragon before jumping off and aiming for the weird pits in the dragon, which look like balls of eyes. Both arrows and melee damage can defeat these weak points, so fire arrows as you approach them, and then land next to each point and attack it.

It can take some time to drop his health down to zero, but patience is the biggest challenge in this fight. Keep using your paraglider to control your descent and take out each of the weak points, and the Demon Dragon will be defeated in no time.

Watch the video below from ‘Banden‘ to find out how to beat this boss, as well as watch the ending of the game:

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While these are all of the main bosses found in the game, there are plenty of mini-bosses and boss-like enemies to find, which you can find below.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom boss enemies

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom boss enemies are:

  • Lynel
  • Hinox
  • Gleeok
  • Talus
  • Flux Construct
  • Molduga

There are a variety of mini-boss enemies in Tears of the Kingdom, many of which return from Breath of the Wild, such as Lynels, Talus’, and Hinox. Many of these also feature different variants, like the fire Igneo Talus or Frost Talus, or the variety of Lynel colours ranging in difficulty.

With that said, there are also several new bosses to take down, including the fearsome Gleeok hydra-like dragons and the towering Zonai Flux Constructs.


Lynels are back and more deadly than ever in Tears of the Kingdom. These centaur-like creatures are a force to be reckoned with, some make sure you’re prepared before you take them on in a fight. Otherwise, you are likely to be met with an untimely death at the hands of this large and powerful beast.


This sleepy cyclops monster also makes a return in Tears of the Kingdom. Tread carefully around them or you risk waking them up. Luckily, if you’re quiet, you have a great opportunity for an ambush.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses: Link facing down a flying Gleeok breathing flames at night time.


Gleeoks are terrifying new boss monster in Tears of the Kingdom. This flying hydra will no doubt represent a large roadblock for Link, requiring significant firepower to take down. After all, there are huge, fire-breathing, three-headed dragons.


Talus are surprisingly stealthy stone creatures that make a return in Tears of the Kingdom. You often won’t know this boss is around until it breaks out of the earth right beneath your fight, catching you off guard. However, once defeated, Talus bosses are a great source of resources on your adventure.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses: A towering Flux Construct about to punch Link.

Flux Construct

Flux Constructs make their debut in Tears of the Kingdom. These towering block constructions look to pack a punch. So far, it seems as though Flux Constructs are only found in the sky islands as they are a Zonai creation.


The Molduga bosses also make their return in Tears of the Kingdom. These giant sand worms can be deadly thanks to their ability to burrow underground and detect the player’s movements.

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That’s all The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses and mini-bosses you will be defending Hyrule from in Link’s next adventure. As you’d expect, bosses aren’t a threat to be scoffed at. To give you the best start and course through the game, we’ve prepared a Zelda Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough. Likewise, it’s worth checking out the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom amiibo rewards to find out what items you can get from these collectibles that can be helpful early on.