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The Finals’ ongoing easter egg hunt is pure monkey business

Embark Studios continues to take The Finals players on an easter egg hunt, with a new step forward taking us closer to a grand discovery.

The Finals easter egg: An image of three-headed monkeys in The Finals.

While most players are battling it out in The Finals’ excellent Power Shift mode or Quick Cash, others are extremely dedicated to uncovering the FPS game’s secrets. The hunt to solve an ongoing The Finals easter egg continues, and with a new discovery shedding light on Embark’s trickery. But are we any closer to unveiling the bigger picture?

In a new video from YouTuber ‘RockhoundBlack’, the FPS game content creator highlights the spark ignited by Embark co-founder Rob Runesson, who reveals that there is “a three-headed monkey hidden in Monaco [2014].” If  The Finals players can find it, then Runesson promises that he will “personally send a The Finals mouse pad to the first one who finds it.” RockHoundBlack explains that “easter egg hunter Sad Rock found the first of the three-headed monkeys”, before the remaining two were found less than two hours later.

The monkeys can be found by yourself right now, but you can’t get too close to them. In a blink of an eye, this visual secret can disappear, so we recommend standing back and using your ADS to view them. Now, you’re probably wondering what their significance is. If you’ve been playing The Finals since the start of Season 2, you may have seen the multiplayer game’s community working together to solve a series of clues laid down by Embark Studios. Notably, the dolphin easter egg remains one of the biggest discoveries.

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Paired with another hunt to find white rabbit decals around The Finals map Seoul, these clues could theoretically be combined to reveal a password that will unlock a mysterious online portal. What lies behind this portal?

Well, it is possible that the coveted dolphin charm may be awarded to players, but Embark surely has far juicer rewards in the works for everyone’s dedication. If you reckon you’ve cracked the password, you can try to sign in here.

Crucially, there isn’t much time left before The Finals Season 3 debuts, and it is unknown whether this easter egg will carry through into the next update. It is likely that Season 3 will be shown at Summer Game Fest, as Embark Studios is scheduled to appear there.

The Finals easter egg: An image of The Finals' easter egg activation portal.

We could even get a look at its upcoming co-op game ARC Raiders, too. The developer is already teasing what’s next for The Finals, as numerous teasers are appearing in-game, including this very creepy AI threat.

In related news, you can finish off The Finals Season 2 battle pass with a 10x XP boost right now, and Season 3 could shake up Ranked Leagues with an all-new Ruby tier.