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The Day Before is on the way to “be back at the top” of your wishlist

Fntastic tells players that The Day Before release date is still approaching PS5 and Xbox survival horror game fans, despite development issues.

The Day Before release date update june 2023

Developer Fntastic continues to intrigue survival horror game fans with The Day Before, and one element that elicits interest is The Day Before release date. With new gameplay details to dissect, Fntastic is now assuring players that the game is indeed hitting PS5 and Xbox platforms, with a goal of getting right to the top of your upcoming PS5 games wishlist.

Following the recent round of copyright issues surrounding The Day Before’s presence on YouTube and Steam and release date promises, Fntastic founders Eduard and Aisen Gotovtsev tells WellPlayed that “we believe that power is in the truth. We were the first to start using this name related to the video game. This is an indisputable fact. Rooted in our belief in justice, we are optimistic about regaining our name through legal proceedings as swiftly as possible.”

Despite the obstacles The Day Before is facing going forward, Fntastic clarifies the studio “want[s] to reassure our community that our Steam page will be reinstated soon. We’ll be back at the top of the wishlists.” Comparisons regarding the game often bring titles like The Last of Us and The Division into the conversation, and it seems that Fntastic is embracing The Day Before’s alignment next to highly esteemed games.

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Fntastic expresses these games “elevated the quality standards in gaming to unprecedented levels, and their creative teams deserve immense admiration for their accomplishments […] while we find inspiration in numerous AAA games, we believe life itself is our greatest muse.”

The notion of how the game will play has been speculated among fans for months, but the developer explains The Day Before will see players “have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves […] exploring a huge skyscraper city called New Fortune City, purchasing houses and vehicles, and creating unique, personal narratives along the way.”

Getting together with other players can be done via the game’s main hub, known as the Woodberry Survivor Colony. While stationed at this hub, base-building and trading with other players will be key for “reinforcing the sense of a lived-in, vibrant community even amidst the post-apocalyptic setting.” Fntastic even says that “a sauna where players can unwind and enjoy memorable interactions” is touted to be in the game.

It undoubtedly sounds like a supremely ambitious project that may be one of the best games action and survival horror fans could ask for. If you are looking for something a little different, though, we recommend checking out the best RPG games available right now.