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The Crew Motorfest map size, regions, points of interest

Here’s what you need to know as you drive, compete, and cruise your way across The Crew Motorfest map and its unique terrain, the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

The Crew Motorfest Map: A car can be seen

When it comes to The Crew Motorfest map, for the first time ever the franchise steps away from the US mainland and heads to the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. That means luscious plant life, diverse terrains, and beautiful oceanic views all available to experience on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

The open-world map of The Crew Motorfest explores a variety of locations from the streets of Honolulu, the lush rainforest, the ashy volcano slopes, and the bright lights of the city. The island is set up to make driving any of the vast list of The Crew Motorfest cars and vehicles a unique experience. While we eagerly await the launch, we take a look at the features that may well earn it a spot in our best racing games list in due course. For this guide, it’s all about the map including points of interest, size, and the all-important The Crew Motorfest playlists.

The Crew Motorfest map size

The Crew Motorfest map has been revealed in full by Ubisoft Ivory Tower, showing off the unique topography of O’ahu. While it’s smaller than The Crew 2’s map, it’ll still take you 10-15 minutes to drive across the expanse, or 5-10 minutes, if you’re opting for an airplane as we found out during our hands-on gameplay preview.

The Crew Motorfest Map: The map of the island can be seen

Revealed during the developer’s ‘Behind the Wheel’ diary series, art director Wiek Luijken describes The Crew Motorfest map as “the most vivid and rich playground open-world we have ever designed.”

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Unlike The Crew 2, The Crew Motorfest is focused on one island and its intricate visuals, filling it with activities and challenges. Quantity does not always mean quality though as technical art director, Nicholas Pliatsikas explains for this title the team has focused on a fresh start, “We have entirely reworked our graphics engine to best illustrate O’ahu’s raw beauty. The vegetation, movement, and translucency. The buildings and the road textures. The volumes of the clouds and dynamic lighting.”

The Crew Motorfest Map: The map can be seen

The smaller location choice means Ubisoft Ivory Tower has been able to focus more on exploring the culture of Hawaii as well as the terrain. This has been achieved by onboarding Hawaiian artists to paint murals seen across the landscape and on city buildings.

Unsurprisingly, The Crew Motorfest map has also been compared to Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico map, as the Motorfest map is seemingly bigger although its actual size is yet to be confirmed.

The Crew Motorfest regions explained

While the main festival area allows car fanatics to gather in one place on the island, The Crew Motorfest includes five regions to explore:

  • North Shore
  • Central
  • Leeward Coast
  • South
  • Windward Coast

During our time with the beta, we explored the open-world map and the regions it has to offer. In each region, there are different challenges and activities to take part in across different terrains including lush rainforest, urban playgrounds, cityscapes, and a gigantic volcano. Below is a brief explanation of each region found in The Crew Motorfest map.

The Crew Motorfest Map: The Motorfest hub can be seen

North Shore

The North Shore is, unsurprisingly, found across the northern portion of the island. Here, players will find the subregions of Turtle Bay, Peacock Flats, Kahuku, Koolauloa, Haleiwa, Laie, Mokuleia, Waialua Bay, Waimea, and Waimea Bay.


The Central region is the middle half of the island, not including the most northern area. Here, the subregions include Ka’ala, Miliani Mauka, Miliani Waipo, Wahiawa, and Waipahu.

Leeward Coast

The Leeward Coast forms the southwestern part of O’ahu. Here, players will explore Kalaeloa, Kuaokala, Ka’ula Bay, Mauna Pele, Makakilo, Nanakuli, Pokai Bay, and Waianae.


The southeastern part of the island is referred to as the South region. Here, players will navigate the terrains of Ewa, Hanauma, Hanauma Bay, Honolulu, Manoa, Maunalua Bay, the Motorfest Grounds (as discussed in our points of interest), Waimanalo Forest, and Waimanalo Bay.

Windward Coast

Finally, the Windward Coast is the eastern region of O’ahu. Subregions include Hau’ula Forest, Kahaluu, Kailua, Kaneohe, Kaneohe Bay, Mokapu, and Waiahole Forest.

The Crew Motorfest Map: The Motorfest hub can be seen

The Crew Motorfest map points of interest

So far, the only point of interest that has been revealed by the team at Ubisoft Ivory Tower is the main Motorfest area. Centered around a volcano tent, this central hub will be where players gather to meet, share their custom creations, and team up/choose activities. The main festival zone includes a drag race track, drifting circuit, off-road playground, and a massive double loop.

As a year-round event, the entire map of the island of O’ahu also links seamlessly into the Motorfest so that, as associate art director Jean-Christophe Blance says, will ensure players “really feel they are part of it.” The team has achieved this by implementing billboards, structures, and gates across the island that all relate to the festival.

Apart from the festival grounds though, other points of interest have not been revealed. What we do know is the five main regions available to traverse in The Crew Motorfest, which we dive into below.

The Crew Motorfest Map: The list of Playlists can be seen

The Crew Motorfest map playlists

Motorfest’s main events are the playlists, described in Ubisoft’s deep dive trailer as “a curated selection of themed campaigns carefully designed to immerse you in numerous riveting car culture universes.” The 15 playlists are:

  • Electric Odyssey
  • Vintage Garage
  • Made in Japan
  • Motorsports
  • Off-Roading Addict
  • Bike Lovers
  • Automobili Lamborghini
  • Drift Experience
  • LBWK Liberty Walk
  • American Muscle
  • Hawaii Scenic Tour
  • 911 Legacy
  • Ocean in Sky
  • Rule the Streets
  • Dream Cars

The Crew Motorfest Map: Mulltiple cars can be seen

Each playlist is found at different points across the map and features objectives, gameplay, and rewards embedded in different environments. From the neon streets of the city to time traveling back to the 50s, each playlist is filled with mini-campaigns that will test a variety of skills from land, sea, and air. Progression through the playlists equals access to the Motorfest’s Main Stage of monthly events.

As explained in episode five of The Crew Motorfest ‘Behind the Wheel’ series, there are also four live modes as well as three main paths; stories, exploration, and competition.

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That’s everything we know about The Crew Motorfest map. If you’re looking to experience more from behind the wheel, whether it’s a high-octane or more of a casual drive, check out our guides to the best PS5 racing games and best Xbox Series X racing games in the meantime.