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The Callisto Protocol how to kill a security robot

Are you wondering how to kill a security robot in The Callisto Protocol? Let us take you through what you need to do to dispatch the imposing enemy

The Callisto Protocol Kill Security Robot: A security robot can be seen

Are you wondering how to kill a security robot in The Callisto Protocol? They are the only enemy that doesn’t fall into the fleshy variety so when you come across one you might be a bit stumped as to what to do. Thankfully, the game does give you a tutorial, but this article will go over how much damage you really need to do to them.

The security robots in The Callisto Protocol’s chapters are not a common enemy, so you won’t have to adopt this strategy to immobilise them too much. While the strategy to get rid of them won’t change, you can also make it easier by altering The Callisto Protocol’s difficulty modes, but you shouldn’t really need to do that as they are actually fairly simple to kill.

The Callisto Protocol how to kill a robot

To kill a security robot in The Callisto Protocol you need to shoot its eye a couple of times with a weapon, which will cause it to become stunned and immobilised. This can be done up close as it is investigating an area, or from a decent distance where you can still maintain your accuracy.

You won’t come across many of these during your playthrough but when you do you will almost certainly be terrified. They are actually one of the scariest enemies in the game as they can deal a large amount of damage and almost all of the time being noticed by one is an instant death. You can stealth around them most of the time, but that isn’t always as easy as it sounds so shooting one might be the best way to progress.

When you do immobilise and kill a security robot you will be able to pick up an item to sell from its frame. These items can be given to a Reforge station and in return, you will be provided with a nice batch of The Callisto Protocol’s Callisto Credits. These can then be used to buy consumables or purchase some of The Callisto Protocol’s best upgrades for your weapons or gear.

Now you know how to kill a robot in The Callisto Protocol you can finally stop cowering to these drones doing nothing but following a program. Now you can properly explore each of the game’s areas and find collectibles and items. For guides on those items or more tips on the game, our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough has everything you need.