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The Stellar Blade file size is a godsend for your PS5’s SSD

The Stellar Blade download size is even smaller than previously leaked, leaving you plenty of real estate on your PS5 when it arrives on April 26.

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Stellar Blade is set to grace your PS5 very soon, and from Friday, April 19, you’ll be able to pre-load Shift Up’s maiden voyage into console gaming ahead of its Friday, April 26 release date. Though the Stellar Blade file size was previously leaked, it now looks like Eve’s bizarre otherworldly adventure will be even more forgiving when it comes to storage.

As shared by the ever-reliable PlayStation Game Size over on Twitter, Stellar Blade is set to come in at a sweat-saving 30.448GB. This is a breath of fresh air from the hard drive-hogging new PS5 games that we’ve recently been bombarded with – though they have given us an excuse to make use of the console’s expansion bay with one of the best PS5 SSDs. Even if Stellar Blade doesn’t turn out to be one of 2024’s best games, at least you won’t have to delete swathes of your library to facilitate it.

Back in February, leaked box art stated that “more than 35GB” of space was required to install the space game. Now, it looks like Shift Up has managed to shave an extra few gigabytes off – more than enough space to also squeeze in Dave the Diver when it joins the PS Plus games list as a day-one freebie on April 16.

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Considering Stellar Blade is set to clock in at around the 25-hour mark in terms of main story length, pitting you against ~20 challenging bosses in the process, the 30-odd gigabyte download revealed by PlayStation Game Size is a dream. When you additionally factor in its visual fidelity, as well as the huge wardrobe of outfits Eve is bringing on her journey, it’s clear that Shift Up’s asset management is on point – we’re incredibly grateful for it.

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