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Vampire Survivors PS5 port trades silver bullets for Platinum trophy

The Vampire Survivors Platinum trophy will truly test your mettle in Poncle’s hit survival game when it arrives on PS5 this summer.

Vampire Survivors PS5 Platinum Trophy: a vampire with red eyes wearing a red and black cape nex to the PlayStation logo

After plenty of PlayStation players have ferally gnawed at the bars of their enclosures, developer Poncle has finally bared its own fangs, offering up a delicious Vampire Survivors PS5 and PS4 port for you to savor this Summer. And don’t worry, there will be a shiny Vampire Survivors Platinum trophy to claim in return for sinking your fangs into the indie hit.

Initially announced during the Triple-i Initiative indie showcase, the PlayStation port for one of the best survival games is a huge win. Of course, Vampire Survivors joining the list of new PS5 games is all well and good, but it’s all for naught if there isn’t sufficient reward for the hours dedicated to the top-down title – at least, for the most fervent Trophy hunters. Fortunately, Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller has been hot on Poncle for clarification, and we’re in luck.

“Oh my god, don’t fuck this up,” Miller quotes from another player who expresses their hopes for the coveted Platinum on Twitter. Responding to Miller, Poncle confirms “there will be a Platinum Trophy,” ensuring the former IGN editor gets his fill of the glory in the popular roguelike game.

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Currently serving as one of the best Game Pass games, Vampire Survivors quickly became one of our favorite time sinks when the crunchy creature crusher landed on Xbox in 2022. The biggest achievement currently available is ‘Greatest Jubilee,’ which offers up a generous 50 Gamerscore. However, we expect Poncle to have something else more challenging in mind when it comes to the top-tier trophy on PS5.

The Vampire Survivors PS5 and PS4 port will also receive all previous DLC, as well as the upcoming Contra-themed expansion, ‘Operation Guns,’ which is set to arrive on Xbox and other current platforms on Thursday, May 9, 2024. By the looks of things, it’ll arrive on day one with the PlayStation version of the co-op game, though Poncle has unfortunately confirmed there won’t be any extra achievements tied to the DLC.

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