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Make your Xbox controller Starfield spec at Bethesda’s next event

At Worlds of Bethesda, fans of Starfield, Fallout, Redfall, and The Elder Scrolls will be able to get a custom design painted onto their Xbox controllers

Starfield Xbox controller: A woman in a brown space suit and white space helmet in starfield

It’s safe to say that Starfield fans haven’t had much to get excited about since the space RPG’s massive deep dive during Summer Game Fest. Aside from meeting Vasco the robot at Gamescom, there’s also been little opportunity for Starfield fans to meet and mull over Bethesda’s next behemoth. However, there is an event coming up where you’ll be able to not only connect with fellow Bethesda fans, but one where you can spruce up your Xbox controller, Starfield style.

Worlds of Bethesda is an event being held in Melbourne, Australia later this month, and it’s a celebration of Bethesda’s biggest games and franchises – past, present, and future. As well as a host of interactive experiences based on classics Fallout and The Elder Scrolls and the upcoming duo Redfall and Starfield, you’ll be able to bring along your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One controller to get a makeover themed around one of these games.

Custom controller designer We Are Robots will be in attendance, painting designs onto attendees’ controllers. This includes the distinctive rainbow stripe insignia of Starfield’s Constellation organisation.

Getting this custom design on your controller will certainly signal to others that you’re a superfan that will be scouring every corner of the Starfield planets.

We Are Robots also has designs for the other games being featured at the event, but none look quite as striking as the Starfield spray.

If you’re in a part of the world near to Melbourne on October 7 and 8, you can buy tickets to the event here.

If you aren’t, you can get your Starfield fix by checking out our guides on the game’s factions, or by getting your nose into this 400-page compendium created by one obsessed Starfield fan.