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Starfield’s famous sandwich already has its own easter egg

An eagle-eyed fan has spotted a Starfield easter egg in the space game's recent gameplay reveal, involving a heavily-memed cheese and salami sandwich

Starfield sandwich easter egg: A space ship warps towards a bright light

When the first teaser trailer for Starfield was revealed last year, players obsessed over the game’s aesthetic, theorised about the potential plot involving Constellation, and memed this impeccably animated cheese and salami sandwich. It turns out that Bethesda found all of your memes so hilarious, that the studio actually gave the sandwich a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in its June 2022 gameplay trailer, which has only now been spotted by an eagle-eyed Starfield fan.

As reported by our pals at PCGamesN, Reddit user ‘OdahP’ claims to have caught a brief glimpse of a tiny Starfield sandwich easter egg in the trailer. Sharing a screenshot from the section that covers ship customisation, OdahP highlights a single frame at 10:32 that appears to show a tiny sandwich within some kind of cargo bay on one of the ships.

While it is hard to make out and nowhere near as obviously placed, the shape clearly resembles the partly-eaten sandwich from that initial teaser trailer. How OdahP spotted this, we have no idea.

With Bethesda being this secretive and sneaky with its easter egg placement, who knows how many other little references are buried in the trailer that are yet to be discovered.

Starfield fanatics have already unearthed plenty of information from the 15-minute gameplay trailer, including various Starfield religions and the names of some of the 1,000+ Starfield planets.

The Starfield release date is still some way away yet, but hopefully Bethesda will continue to drip feed us more information and easter egg-filled trailers while we wait.