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How to register ships in Starfield

Here we will show you how you can register ships in Starfield so that you can add stolen spaceships to your star-faring fleet on Xbox and PC.

Starfield register ships: A Ship Services Technician looking at the camera, with a blurred background of a ship.

How do you register ships in Starfield? If you’ve stolen a ship and are looking to make it your own, then you’ll first have to register it (don’t worry, the law won’t notice). As such, you’ll need to know all about the Starfield register ships system so that you can upgrade it, rename it, or even sell it on for a small profit.

Stealing Starfield ships is relatively easy to do, but you won’t be able to do much with your stolen ship without registering it first. However, if you’re saving up for the best Starfield ships, then one option you have is registering and selling ships in Starfield. The best part? You don’t even need to be a member of the Starfield Crimson Fleet to be able to do this, as we’ve experienced in our Starfield review.

How to register ships in Starfield

To register ships in Starfield, you must visit a Ship Services Technician in any major city, access the ship customization page, and then follow the button prompt to register the stolen ship. Ship registration will cost a significant percentage of the overall value of the ship.

Annoyingly, if you steal a ship you have to head all the way back to a major city, such as New Atlantis or Akila City to be able to register it. This is because you need to speak to a Ship Services Technician – the home of all things ships – to be able to register your stolen vessel in person.

Starfield register ships: The Ship Services Technician dialogue in New Atlantis.

Luckily, it’s simple to do once you’ve arrived at Ship Services. Speak to the vendor and select to browse and modify your collection of ships. Once in this menu, you can register your stolen ship by pressing the button prompt in the bottom right of the interface.

Registering a ship will cost you money, however, and quite a hefty sum indeed. In fact, it’s often nearly the full value of the ship. So, if you’re expecting to become a pirate, stealing and selling ships, don’t expect to be making money all too quickly.

Nevertheless, registering a ship is required before you can sell, rename, upgrade, or modify a stolen ship. Therefore, it’s necessary to do so if you would like to do anything beyond flying your newly acquired vessel.

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Is registering ships in Starfield worth it?

Yes, registering ships in Starfield is worth the high cost to do so, whether you’re planning to use the ship or sell it for a profit.

While we don’t recommend stealing ships for profit as it isn’t all that profitable compared to other means, you will at least make a small amount of credits for selling stolen ships. Given the registration cost is calculated as a percentage of the overall value, you’re seemingly guaranteed to turn at least a slight profit, though the margin is never very wide.

Stealing ships and registering them for personal use is much more effective, however. If the ship is better than the one you currently have, then registering it effectively gives you a better ship for a much lower price that you can upgrade and modify as normal. If you’re looking for cheap ships, then we also have a guide to all the free Starfield ships you can get.

That covers how to register ships in Starfield, as well as whether it’s worth the investment. Let’s just hope there’s not a Starfield Terrormorph hiding away onboard your stolen vessel or else we’re all doomed.

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