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Starfield glitch lets you steal a shop’s entire inventory risk-free

If there's something you want but you can't afford it, this Starfield New Atlantis under-map glitch will let you clear out a shop's inventory for free on Xbox.

Starfield New Atlantis under map glitch: an image of a vendor and the stealth skill from the Xbox RPG

It may not feature quite as many goblins as Baldur’s Gate 3, but Bethesda’s Starfield absolutely deserves to be considered one of the best RPG games out there right now when it comes to player freedom. You really can play this game in almost any way you want to. Whether you’re taking advantage of the best Starfield skills for sneaking around or not, there’s a Starfield New Atlantis under-map glitch that you can take advantge of to completely clear out every single vendor in city.

Reportedly just 30 mins into playing Bethesda’s behemoth on the Starfield release date, Redditor ‘dirtbikeguy55‘ falls through the map in New Atlantis and discovers that every vendor in the large settlement actually has a hidden chest filled with their entire shop’s inventory. A hidden chest you can steal from without any sort of risk of being spotted.

If you’re trying to become the best thief in Settled Systems, but you haven’t quite set up yourself up for success by taking advantage of one of the best Starfield character builds for this playstyle, this really is a great way to kick-start that journey.

As you can see below, however, the player who discovered this little secret didn’t – as far as we can tell – intentionally glitch through the map. It looks like they just fell through the floor.

Well, I’m 30 mins in and found vendor chests.
by u/dirtbikeguy55 in Starfield

This is, though, a Bethesda game; so, we can imagine there will be more than one way to intentionally access this under-map area. It’s just a matter of time before people start sharing those methods online.

In any case, it’s quite funny to realize that the vendors in Starfield are just glorified loot chests – at least they are in New Atlantis. They are all great Starfield characters to talk to, though, so you should definitely visit their shops as intended, too.

One thing we want to make clear, though, is that there’s no telling whether this will work in the other Starfield cities or not. It might work in Akila City, but this isn’t nearly as flat as New Atlantis is. Similarly, it might work in Neon, but this is a city built over a rather large body of water – one you just won’t be able to get back to Neon-level from. So, if you do manage to find a reliable way of getting under Starfield maps, don’t expect it to be as easy to steal everything as it seems in New Atlantis.

If you want to take advantage of everything New Atlantis has to offer outside hidden chests full of loot, you should consider following the Starfield United Colonies Vanguard faction questline. Through this, you can actually max-out your Starfield Piloting skill without even returning to space. If you want to recreate some of the best custom Starfield ships yourself, you’re going to need Tier 4 Piloting – trust us.

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