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Starfield’s Kids Stuff trait might just be your key to exclusive loot

If you want to make the most of your Starfield playthrough on Xbox or PC, you should really consider choosing the Starfield Kids Stuff trait and here's why.

Starfield Kids Stuff trait rewards: an image of some parents in Starfield

We know this goes without saying at this point, but Bethesda’s Starfield is shaping up to be one of the best RPG games this generation will see. The fact that Starfield may be the first Bethesda RPG to include this missing feature is a fantastic example of that. However, we have just learnt why the Starfield Kids Stuff trait is going to be a must-pick option when you dive into Starfield character creation. Sure, space parents are fun, but that’s not all this perk is good for.

In a recent Discord Q&A with Starfield lead quest designer Will Shen and lead designer Emil Pagliarulo, it was revealed that the Kids Stuff trait will give you “stuff” – which, as dumb as that sounds, is actually quite a big deal.

Specifically, as per this PasteBin of the Q&A, Shen and Pagliarulo were asked the following question:

“If we get the Kids Stuff trait, will our parents be generated based on our characters look or are there standard parents? What benefits will there be?”

In response to the first part of the question, Shen confirmed that – just like your dad in Fallout 3 and your son in Fallout 4 – you should find that “they are based on what your character looks like” to an extent. We can’t imagine this will be perfect, but the systems work well in the aforementioned Fallout games and we can imagine it will continue to be a pretty good system in Starfield.

Pagliarulo echoed this sentiment, also adding that they “think fans will really appreciate the actors [Bethesda] got to play those roles” as they “just get SO into it”. Tacked onto the end of their response, they also added that “you can get… Stuff” with the Kids Stuff trait.

We don’t know for certain yet, but we can imagine that some of the “stuff” you get from the Kids Stuff trait will be exclusive to the Kids Stuff trait and the content it unlocks – otherwise, what’s the point?

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So, as much as you might not care much about having space parents in Starfield, you really should consider picking up the Kids Stuff trait when you’re creating your character. Not only will this add two unique Starfield characters to your playthrough – your parents – but, it will also (with any luck) add some unique loot for you to collect. These could be largely meaningless trinkets, but they could also be Starfield weapons or additional Starfield ship customization options for you to choose from.

We know this trait isn’t going to be the most useful in combat, as far as we know, but we don’t think anyone should miss out on the opportunity for exclusive loot. Oh, and having loving parents who are proud of you can’t be a bad thing either – Spacer or otherwise.

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