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The best ways to get Digipicks in Starfield

Find out all the best methods of where and how to get Digipicks in Starfield to open safes, doors, weapon cases, and more to find valuable items on Xbox or PC.

Starfield digipicks: A masculine character looking towards the camera with three Digipick lockpicks to the left of the image.

How do you get Digipicks in Starfield? Lockpicking is one of the most important things you can do in Starfield when exploring. But, it isn’t quite as simple as it was in Fallout 4 and you will need a lot of Starfield Digipicks to be able to open everything. So, here’s all the best ways to get Digipicks so you’re never left wondering what’s behind a locked door without the means to get through.

Luckily, your Starfield lockpicking skills can be upgraded and it will become a core part of your playthrough. Digipicking is not a skill you want to miss out on either, as you’ll frequently find opportunities to use it while exploring the Starfield planets to find the best Starfield weapons and Starfield armor.

The best ways to get Digipicks in Starfield

The best way to get Digipicks in Starfield is to purchase them from vendors, though they can also be found while exploring environments, such as in containers or on desks. In fact, Digipicks can sometimes be found next to locked objects.

While you might find yourself struggling for Digipicks at the start of the game, as the Starfield length progresses, you’ll likely end up with lots in your inventory. Nevertheless, a good place to start looking if you’ve completely run out is in containers and on desks in indoor environments.

Starfield digipicks: A player looking at a locked crate.

They can frequently be found lying around on tables next to other clutter so keep your eyes peeled. Handily though, they can also often be found near locked objects, especially if the locked object houses something quest or exploration related. As such, it’s always worth looking nearby first.

The most effective way to get Digipicks though is to buy them from vendors, even though it will cost you some credits. Thankfully, Digipicks aren’t too expensive, but if you have run dry then you’ll have to resort to finding them while exploring.

Starfield lockpicking: The Digipick hacking interface.

Where to buy Digipicks in Starfield

You can buy Digipicks in Starfield from nearly all vendors, including Trade Authority shops and general merchants in all the major cities, such as New Atlantis and Akila.

If you’re looking for a great starting location to find and buy Digipicks, then we’d recommend heading to New Atlantis city on Jemison. At the landing pad there is a yellow Trade Authority terminal that will typically sell a handful of Digipicks. From here, Jemison Mercantile in the Commercial District and several shops in The Well area of New Atlantis will sell Digipicks, such as Apex Electronics. So, there are plenty of shops you can visit to stock up in the first city alone.

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Starfield Digipick farm

The best Starfield Digipick farm is to purchase the full stock from Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis and then sitting in a chair outside the shop to wait for 24 hours in-game. The vendor’s stock will then reset, letting you buy another full stock of Digipicks.

Given how cheap Digipicks are to buy, you can repeat this process as many times as you need and soon have heaps of Digipicks in your inventory. This a very convenient Digipick farm as there are chairs directly outside of the shop where you can sit and rest for a full in-game day so that the shop stock resets.

This process can also be used for Apex Electronics in The Well area of New Atlantis, though we find Jemison Mercantile to be the most efficient Digipick farm. Check out the video above by ‘Kibbles Gaming’ to see the farm in action.

That covers how to get Starfield Digipicks and all the best methods, including an incredibly efficient Digipick farm. They are an important tool to find so be sure to keep an eye out as you are completing tasks on the Starfield Mission Board and bonding with your Starfield companions in the game. We’ve got great use out of Digipicks during our Starfield review playthrough, including for finding lots of Starfield contraband, a great source of money.

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